Looking for a new home EU/US East TZ

TLDR - ideal

  • Highsec Corp
  • Wardec exempt
  • Incursions / Triglavian and General PVE
  • 2 Indy chars / 2 combat chars
  • Won’t mind me running occasional NPSI fleet
  • Weird hours, I work 24 hr shifts
  • mainly late EU / early US tz

I’ve had a love/hate relationship with Eve over the last few years. I’ve had some difficulty finding a Corp I fit in with. While I do enjoy null-Sec and the opportunities it provides, playing with the big ships, PVE, PVP content. I’ve had issues with the way corps and alliances handle “pings” for fleets, and time requirements. I’m a paramedic, I work 24 hour shifts and frequently up for those 24 hours. I end up with only a few days to play a week between home life and work. When I’m on though I am on!

I’ll be happy to discuss my awful Corp history of late. I’ve just really had some awful luck trying to find a good fit. Ideally I am looking for a “permanent home” but what has been my experience, that’s been a challenge.

Considering this weekend is Valentine’s Day I may be on sporadically but will be back to business as usual next week.

Hopefully looking to hear from some guys!

Hey Anuset,

Just tried contacting you in game.

We aren’t a high sec corp but we can train you in the ways of pvp which i’m hoping you would grow and love.

We are a close knit c3/ns wormhole corp.

Hey Anuset!

I think Celestial Precision could be a great fit for you.

Based in High Sec
War Dec Exempt
Industry/PVE focused
Located close to a large low sec pocket with null entrances
Real Life First
Laid back attitude.

We are a corporation of people who are looking to relax and enjoy the game again. We have people from all experience levels and walks of Eve life, and we are growing fast, whil still maintaining a relaxed and helpful atmosphere. We are based in a system with loads of asteroid belts and an ice field, that has low level missions, and higher level missions within 10 jumps, as well as regular triglavian base content.

We all are adults with jobs and lives outside the game, and respect that in turn, so you wouldnt have to worry about any ‘required operations’, because they arent a thing here. We do have a bunch of people willing to pop up mining and mission fleets though, so whenever you are on, theres something to do!

If this sounds like something you might like, shoot me a mail in game, and i will answer any questions you may have my man.

Appreciate what you do, 24 hour paramedic is no joke.


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Hey there we have a good platform for what your looking for before and in the time zones your looking so give us a quick look and come have a chat in game or mail me. Here is the ad with the links and a bit about us

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