Looking for a possible new alliance

we are currently searching for a possible new alliance ( not set in stone yet just testing the water :slight_smile: ) if you have any interest in chatting with me about this please send an in game mail or convo.

many thanks


Might need to turn off Auto Reject

don’t know what happened my auto reject is already off always has been ???

still looking for now :))


still got my toe in the water ( it’s a little cold though )

merry christmas folks :)) still looking !!

hello chap, merry xmas too, you might wanna check out AARP alliance based in Immensea, part of FI.RE coalition, good null space, very well developed, cool alliance leadership ( corps within have a voice/vote ) DM me in game or jump into corp public channel shield107 for more info.
cheers Edrik Prime

ok i’m going to limit our options i guess to avoid wasting anyones time, if you are part of winterco, horde, pl , or blue to anyone in winterco we are not interested in that part of new eden many thanks.

happy new year to you lovely folks !!! …still checking our options !!

Are you guys looking at low-sec?

not sure my guys want FW but i can run it by them :slight_smile:

The Expanse is your ticket to the friendly. knowledge, and resources.
We are currently recruiting and actively searching for corp willing to do PvP and indy for the alliance. we have good alliances friendship with others in and around where we are base also
if your looking for action and a alliance thats here to have fun the look no further
All the corps in the alliance work as one there is no top dog

we our now recruiting Miners and Industrialists and Pvp
Joining Requirements:
:diamond_shape_with_a_dot_inside: Discord
:diamond_shape_with_a_dot_inside: English speaking skills
:diamond_shape_with_a_dot_inside: No drama
:diamond_shape_with_a_dot_inside: Mic

We offer:
:large_orange_diamond: LowSec/Hisec/null Mining Ops
:large_orange_diamond: Orca/Rorq Boosting
:large_orange_diamond: Friendly and engaged community
:large_orange_diamond: Jump Freighting available
:large_orange_diamond: Ore Backback Program
:large_orange_diamond: 0% Tax on all station
:large_orange_diamond: 1% Market Rate
:large_orange_diamond: 0% Tax on T2 refinery
:large_orange_diamond: HiSec Moon Mining
:large_orange_diamond: R32 moon mining
:large_orange_diamond: Black opp Fleet’s
:large_orange_diamond: Cap Fleet’s
:large_orange_diamond: Level 4/5 mission’s

Want to know more?
Hit us up on Discord or In-game!
If you are interested in joining please send us an application! We would be happy to have a look and talk with you
feel free to join are ƬΉΣ ΣXPΛПƧΣ

still here checking out options for our future !

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