Immortal Exiles looking for alliance

Small high sec corp looking to broaden its horizons by joining an alliance we are looking for PVE/PVP/MINING in high/low or Null space we are always wanting to join fleets and get involved.

Apply today! :grinning:

Have you thought about joining The Initiative - there is plenty of PVP and other ISk making activities such as moon mining, industry including building supers & titans!

Leadership is excellent, same with logistics and have a great FC team.

Feel free to DM any time, can find me ingame every day as well - discord is Neverfogotten#7374.

I messaged you ingame as well <3

Bump still looking :+1:

AARP are looking to recruit corps - currently we are in Min LS space, our activities inc all yr wants/needs, contact Choc Talar ( head diplo ) or jump into shield107 in game for more info 1st
cheers Edrik.

Hello there if you are still looking for an alliance i think i have just what you need ! Okunda united is a new alliance based in a highsec pocket 5 jumps from jita! We do mainly highsec/lowsec , ice / moons / production/ pi / pvp / pve we do it all ! The isk opportunities are endless! Contact me in game for more information! 07

you are welcome with us

our highsec alliance :

our nullsec alliance :

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