Looking for a WH corp EU TZ that is really for almost a new player

Hi! I am looking for a friendly and active WH corp, that is REALLY new player friendly. I play every evening from 21.00 eve time, so a corp that is active also on that time.
I have 2 toons (58 mil that I took from my brother and an alt 6mil)
I just need a good bunch of guys willing to teach me the ropes of WHS and the good stuff about eve, i am a quick learner.
Tnx a lot :slight_smile:

Check your inbox in game :slight_smile:

Hey there dude,

Krypted gaming could be a good corp for you.
We are located in a C4 wh with C3 and C5 connection. We roam almost everyday in EU TZ and are always looking for new pilots to come and join us and learn.
We run microgang and small gang roams with wormhole brawls as well.
We have a lot of scanners who are alsways looking for fun content.

If you are interested you should come jump in our discord and have a chat.
We can even take you out on a roam with us to see what you think

Hope to see you around.

Fly safe

Isolation Cult is a wormhole based corporation that specialises in small scale PvP and nullsec ganking.

We focus our operations during the EU timezone and welcome those willing to risk their bling for juicy kill mails. No one likes to let their prize ships sit in hangars gathering dust, they should be used to turn other peoples assets to salty tears.

Whilst a green killboard always brings satisfaction to those involved, a loss, no matter how blingy is punishment enough to bare as long as you burn with that creepy smile of impending retribution.

Public Channel: Isolation Public


  • API / SSO Auth
  • Compentent Prober
  • Self Sufficient
  • Multiple Charachters
  • Able to fly Bombers
  • Able to fly T3 Cruisers
  • Driven to find PvP Content
  • Microphone and Discord

CEO: Ascenity, Jamesoverlord

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