Looking for a WH Indy Corp (or similar)

Hi all,

as per title, i’m looking for an Indy Corp that like to live and “work” in WH.
My last (long and great) experience was in Null with a big Ally but, this time, my object is to find something small and without particular obligations (like “all day presence”, Ally/Corp > RL and so on).
PVP isn’t my business, if there’s to defend the home space or a couple of CTA it’s ok but, i don’t really like doing roam or similar thing.
I know that PVP is important for many thing but, I’m sure can be possibile living well without it :smiley:

Here a small recap:

-3 years experience (Toon bought at 23 SP, now is at 80 SP)
-Indy preferences
-Love to try WH life
-EU timezone (I don’t have fixed job schedule/days, so there’s a lot of time that I’m in US TZ)

Thank you all,

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Hi Angela,

Pathway to the Next could be the place for you. I will send you Eve Mail

  • Grimm

Hello Angela Nighthawk,

We are always looking for diverse players to join our ranks. If you get a chance and have not found the right fit , please give us a closer look…

Hope to see ya in space,

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