Looking For active PVP/PVE Corp

Hey New Eden,

I am new to the eve universe and i am looking for an active PVP/PVE Omega Corp. I am just starting and only have about 2 mil SP at this time. Send me a message in game if your recruiting. Thanks

in game pm sent

@Gamble_Kondor il mail you too :slight_smile:

Hey Gamble,

Sounds like you might want to drop by our in game public chat or discord. We’re pretty newbro friendly and always willing to help our members get better at what they want to do, regardless of what that is. We operate a zero f*cks flying policy so coming here to learn from our mistakes is bound to be a hoot’n’half

In game chat “Start Frontiers”
Discord: http://discord.gg/9DeaSP8
Recruitment post: B0SS Alliance - Recruiting PvP Focused Pilots & Corporations for NPC Nullsec… Come Fly With Us!

Hope you drop by!

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