Looking for alliance that accepts my solo corp

I just came from nullsec and I have nothing to do. I want to stay in my own corp but would like to join an alliance.

According to corp sheet my corp has 15 members but its realy all my alts :smiley:

I do have very big screen, alot of capital (FAX/Dread) alts and fleets of drekavaks and leshaks. I have alot of lowsec/nullsec experience.

I have 10 accounts and I can multibox up to 6 accounts but usually I dont do more than 3-4 same time.

Altho I would like to stay within my own corp I can speak english and work together with other people.

I would like operate in hisec / lowsec.


Go to wormholes and suck up that ISK, brother.

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