Looking for casual group to get back into the game

Looking for a group of people to help me get back into eve. Played a good amount about 9 years ago. Interested in PVE and Indy for now. PVP also but not at this stage.

Can fly SB and I have decent drone skills, 1 month training for freighter.

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Greetings, if you looking for hisec, and relaxed play, I can help you. We have orca boosts, and do industry too at caldari space. If you kinda want nullsec, I can introduce you to a nice corp based in Providence , part of dacian Armada alliance. If you want to know more, plz send email


Why not take a look at Geo-Tech Industries? We have daily moons for moon mining, 56% base reprocess rate, our own production station, close to level 4 agents and 68 people in corp at last count.

Join Geo-Tech Recruitment in game channel for info or to hang out. Also, as someone that also took breaks for years, welcome back :slight_smile:


Hello I’m with 4 other players starting to look for a new home as our current corp has slowed way down. We range from 5,000 to 15,000 skill points with one EU and three US players. You corp culture sounds a lot like ours so we may be a good fit. I know I haven’t told you a lot but let me know what you think. If your interested I can put you in contact with the others.

Brittas empire are recruiting all pilots currently. If you want a social, team driven corp then look no further. We do all from mining to scanning to killing. We live in 0.0 so some PvP will be required but RL comes first. If you’re interested drop in our discord for a chat. o7

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