Looking for Corps

Violente Fortuna is currently looking for corporations that are interested in joining us in sov null. We currently are living in Fountain, with our own sov, and would like to find like minded corps that are looking for freedom in sov null. We are very laid back and relaxed and want all those in our corp/alliance to enjoy playing the game how they like to play it.

Somethings we are looking for in corporations:

  • Able to put up numbers in CTA fleets

This means that you can be a pvp corp or a pve corp and you will always be welcome here as long as there is CTA participation.

Some benefits:

  • Ability to put up your owns citadels where you want in our space and manage them how you see fit

  • Space for your members to make ISK and PvP

  • Freedom to operate how you guys want as long as they don’t hinder alliance goals

If this sounds interesting to you and you’re a corp that is looking for a chill and relaxed environment where they can grow and prosper then join our public channel, cepta pub, in-game or send one of the following individuals a mail:

Thel 'Vadum

We look forward to hearing from you!

Still recruiting!

Still recruiting!

Still recruiting corps!

Still recruiting!

Looking for more corps. Get in on the ground floor of something exciting!

Like he said… Lots of great pvp, ratting, and mining with plans to make an industry hub. So PVP’ers, ratters, and miners. Join us and let us show you how nullsec can be. All we require is active participation in CTA’s.

Still looking for corps! :grinning:

Lots of opportunities for a small corp to grow!

Still looking for corps!

Looking for a Null sec PVP Alliance?
Violente Fortuna is now recruiting CORPS!!!
:skull_crossbones: Diverse daily fleets and operations
:skull_crossbones: Ship Replacement Program (SRP)
:skull_crossbones: Protected PVE systems
:skull_crossbones: Moons
:skull_crossbones: PVP and PVP Training
:skull_crossbones: Industry services
:skull_crossbones: Markets
—> Join cepta pub in game to learn more!

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