Looking for FW Issues / Suggestions to FW (FW Little Things Please)

Rovain. I think what we need more is better incentives and rewards for capturing and keeping systems. More investment in the area you plant your flag in than just orbiting a button to receive bacon.

I would hope Eve maintains the idea of a player driven environment rather than piggyback content that depends on following the wiles of randomly generated NPC’s.

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Remove pirate implants from plexes by simply not allowing people with en plugged in, from entering the gates, that would balance the pvp inside the plexes and make it much more new player friendly… its not like you need the implants to run any plex.

Hmm what about giving Deplexing an added advantage so its a bit more worth doing, instead of donating lp to upgrade a system what about using deplexing to upgrade a system, then at least it doesn’t feel like a waste doing them.

O and it might be interesting to gain fw rank only by deplexing, could be interesting :] would feel kinda like gaining rep from community service haha.

Kinda like the logic of linking FW Rank with system upgrade’s and giving the player a reason to keep upgrading the system’s for personal progress as well.

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This could definitely work, as each defensively run site has a certain amount that is ‘lost’ during the contested level calculation in the payout. It doesn’t go anywhere, it just disappears. It could just as well go to the ihub in the same way that lp bleed works when an enemy takes a plex. I have been asking for this for years, because Dplexing low contested systems is awful and time consuming just to be able to see a system stable.


I don’t agree with this. Implants are sacrosanct additions to your clone. I understand their restriction in the AT but this doesn’t make sense.

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Thanks for reaching out Suitonia. Here are my two cents…

  1. Do away with tiers and make the control bar granularly affect LP rewards.
    There seems to way more emphasis on pushing hard (or resisting hard) for that momentary crossover from one tier to the next, but in-between there can be a drop in motivation. If every plex capture/loss affected LP payouts on both sides, I think there would be more consistent effort put into fighting over each one -> thus content. I mentioned this to Fozzie in person at fanfest and he seemed receptive to the idea.

  2. Suspect timers for non-FW pilots upon gate activation. (also something Fozzie seemed interested in)

  3. More plex types.
    With the amount of power that can be thrown around these days (simply a result of the age of the game and the assets that many pilots have accumulated) it can be very hard to engage in fun BC and BS fights because you can so easily get dropped on by bigger things… yes this is a sandbox mechanic and will always be the standard, but we already have the existing plexes for everything up to cruisers, and I think everyone in FW enjoys putting those restrictions to use. There will invariably still be fights elsewhere that are less-predictable, so why not have gated plexes that restrict up to BCs and/or up to BSs… for me this seems like a no-brainer, I cannot imagine why this would detract from the game at this point, it would only be a slight expansion on an established and beloved FW mechanic, and I think it would generate some new and welcome content for a lot of FW keeners.

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I’ll try to do not suggest solutions I’m not a game designer. I just will point the problems to have a better FW and LS experience.

Fw is the engine of low sec, for enrolled people, pirates and casual people, so don’t change it too much or any of these collectives will drop in numbers. Less people, less content, less fun.

There is no other easy way to farm to sustain PVP activities in LS.

The real cancer of low sec are the gate camps, that destroys the PVP on the plexes, cutting the access to systems where there is content. Tipically performed by big pirate corps with setups very difficult to break. Example the Tama gate camped with the support of no less of 10 logistics.

Another problem is the loss of security status and standings, that really matters for casual people tha comes from HS to have a fight. This looses should be reduced or eliminated of the plexes.

As it is, IMO, FW mechanics, are mostly boring except the big battles to turn a system or the attack of a important system like Eha or Vlil. Plexing in group for conquering/deplexing most of the systems is boring and you get paid a ■■■■ for doing it. Pls don’t stop too much the rabbit farmers because they do the heavy and boring part of plexing the war zone IMO.

Once the warzone changes of faction, the winning faction almost dissapear from the plexes for a while, they are running missions like hell. Creating little content.

Missions in gallente-caldari are a bit crap compared to minmatar zone due you have to travel much more systems. Yeah we all love pass the day warping gate to gate :slight_smile: . As it is LS now, everybody is going to jump to your mission beacon, so some distance to fall in enemy space is not an acceptable mechanic.

IMO citadels creates content, make things easier for all defenders ( they will not loose his assets ) and attackers that can stablish a frontline base, all of those things create content. People follows the fun. If you get assets blocked probably you’ll leave FW for a while or move the assets with an alter, really funny activities :wink:

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As a member of PIE Inc, I’m very interested in the immersion aspect of FW. Right now, I don’t really feel like there’s much of a conflict going on between the warring states. I have never once seen a ship that is owned and operated by any element of the 24th Imperial Crusade going into battle against any element of the Tribal Liberation Force.

That’s the kind of thing that I want to see more of. Open fighting between NPC elements of each faction.
Maybe throw a few of them into the hub fights. Once the ihub becomes vulnerable, have the NPCs warp in and shoot at each other while players go in to bash the hub. Make the enemies about as difficult as mission rats, and you have yourself some fun and interesting content without adding much difficulty. Just put them out there to blow each other up. Maybe even shoot at some players and vice versa.

Also, some variation in the types of sites that we run to gain influence over a system would be fun. Right now, this “king of the hill” design is nice, but it is also very monotonous. I like the idea of ship restrictions for the sites. That’s all well and good. But adding in some new sites with different objectives would do great things for FW. “Blow up this structure, destroy this group of enemies, assist this battlegroup of allied NPC ships as they engage an enemy NPC battlegroup, and rescue these (insert faction here) captives.” Just balance it out so that they take about the same amount of time on average, or less time with a smaller reward, as the old “king of the hill” style sites.

More content in FW plz.

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This is probably a much bigger change than possible atm but what if:

the conflict’s are concentrated on the boarders between faction’s instead of spread out everywhere.

What I mean by this is what if you can only conquer a system that is 1 jump away from a system you already control, so you have to chain the system’s to get to the next.

This should concentrate fighting more and provide much more pvp in my opinion.

The negative side of this would be that solo players cant go deep behind enemy lines to disrupt them.

What if there was a way to do something other than conquer a plex some type of npc supply lines that went from the high sec boarders to the edge of the control range and players where able to intercept and disrupt these supply lines weakening the enemies defenses and making it easier to conqueror systems, could be fun ^_^.

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The Planetside kind of gameplay, narrows down the available content by a huge factor.

This can negatively impact non -fw players also, and they will have to become nomadic and follow the buffalo, if you get my meaning.

I don’t like it, and even enjoy the option of being established in a certain part of space.

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never played planetside before but if its been tested with bad results then that sais it all

WCS should cause a ship to be ineligable for timer running and recieving LP. In addition to not being able to enter the gated plex’s.

Bring back gate sliding pls.

tbvh lp rewards shoudlnt really be the point of faction warfare but with the winning of systems having no effect on new eden…

Personally i would reduce the current range of faction warfare systems severely and restart it all, next id make it so that the neighbouring systems could be effected somehow; so that the war could spread - even to outlying highsec settlements (i wont go into too much detail but hs could turn into lowsec, lowsec could turn into highsec and many more systems could be effected over time, possibly using a system similar to fozzie sov/adm)
Obviously there should be a larger area set that could be effected, dont think it should be able to spread all the way to jita, for the sake of other gamers.

That would create a dynamic, moving map that players could feel rewarded simply by taking part.

Other items… well i see no reason why the faction navies or police shouldnt get involved somewhere, being stronger in and around the highsec systems. Running their own incursions into the area, having their own mining ops and so on; if for example there was some form of incursion set up that the players could also be involved in…

This could help to create something that looks more alive and immersive, with plexes that contained xxxx many other guns that could be targeting players smaller ‘pirate’ groups would likely be pushed out a bit somewhat from the plexes; levelling the playing field for the many newer players that get into facwar (these could be defended by their own faction rats for example)

Well im gonna stop writing there as i could just open a whole can of spam this morning…

Might not be a “little thing” but it would be great if there was more obvious visual clues that you are in FW space. I’m not saying it isn’t obvious enough, but there is very little (none?) change in the environment when you enter faction warfare space. For example, it would be nice to see a formation of navy ships sitting off of an entry gate into faction warfare space - instead of them stupidly flying around in circles and bumping into the gate like a bunch of keystone cops.

In general it would be better if the environment reflected that you were in no-mans land a bit more. Who knows, if it was more immersive it might even attract more people to faction FW? What do these types of environments look like in other games, or even real life? Might not even need too much in the way of new assets?

There seems to be a tendency to focus on mechanics, but it would be nice if there was some attention paid to narrative and environment. Apologies if this is the wrong place for this type of suggestion.

You do have the FW complexes and ihubs that show up, apart from that huge contested meter on the left, colored to the respective faction.

Yeah, I was thinking that in FW space the environment doesn’t really look like a borderland or war zone. Yes the UI informs you that you are in FW space (overview, contested meter), which is obviously important, but does the actual environment tell you that in any way?

I suspect that whether the UI gives you the right information is probably more relevant to this thread. I was suggesting something more along the lines of atmosphere and immersion.

Ah. I’m not sure how long you’ve been around, but the new nebula backgrounds did an impressive job of doing just that. They are deepest colored in lowsec. Or the nicest looking. But that may be bias on my part for having lived down here for so long.

Yeah, when I started in late 2009 everything looked the same. The planets and the nebulas were a huge improvement! That’s not too far off from what I was thinking of. Some sort of visual that would be different and specific for FW space. Lots of possibilities at gates, stations, etc.

Something I have mentioned on and off for… years. When in the opposing sides HS space, flag as suspect. There is a dialog about it, why not a flag.

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I like your ideas. I want to ask something.

What do you think about?

  • Capturing timers. In 2018 they are just too long. In profitable plexes (contested systems > 50%) it will take 2-3 mins for somebody to jump into. Faster capturing, with rebalanced LP, will generate more jumps between beacons and systems.

  • FW and ‘ALT-market’. The tendency of 6 months of Ammar/Caldary T4 and Minmatar/Gallente T1 and vice versa another 6 months of Calary/Ammar T1 and Gallente/Minmatar T4 is just too obvious and turns FW concept into stagnation, especially for players without ALTs in each Militia.

  • New FW players or those which needs some starting ISK, just should have a tool like Venture for a bit safer defensive plexing only.