Looking for Gallente fw corp active before DT

New event looks interesting so keen to get back in to it. Looking for preferable gallente fw corp as I was in gallente before, but am open to going caldari. my standing might mess up a caldari corps standings.
My play time is normally between 0600-0900 eve, so before DT. Weekends anytime I can get really.
I am in New Zealand so terrible time for eve pvp action.
This is an alt, main currently chilling in HS, I will share his name if required. He has many years pvp experience in fw, low sec pirate, wh, null so not as new to pvp as this toon represents… i still suck solo… sigh.
TMI ???I don’t know, but if you looking for old confused, bitter vet muppet let me know here :smiley:

We’d love to have you. We have a few people in your tz and want to expand it.

If you wanna join the largest and most active corp/alliance in whole FW, with ops and don’t mind caldari then there is currently no better option than us :stuck_out_tongue:


Was with you before :slight_smile: was pretty dead before will go check kill board, I hated just being solo running from blobs and orbiting capture points …

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Oh yeah I know ;). We’ve been up a few people that play in the China and AU TZ. It doesn’t hurt to try it out :slight_smile:

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