Looking for incursion pilot

Looking for a focused SP incursion pilot. T2 guns is a huge plus, as well as lvl 5 gunnery support skills.

Battleship/drones don’t need to be at V but support/engineering skills at 5 is great.

Budget is about 10b so look from something in the 10-14m SP range.

Great name is always a plus as well. :slight_smile:



All Vindi pilot can fly mach, just needs to train up the guns.

Price? (This is op)




Bump as Kaizer Keil doesn’t seem to respond to my messages.

My budget has lowered a bit, looking for something 10b or under

Sorry, on the road for work without access to evemail, will be back at gaming rig on friday.

No worries, just hit me up when ya get back. :slight_smile:

Bump. Still looking as Kaizer’s toon was a little out of my price range.

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