Looking for info on an item

PDW-09FX Data Shell

Nobody I asked in game seems to know where it drops or what it does, googling didn’t really work either, and there seems to be none on contracts

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I would guess it drops from this


I would suspect that is a rare mission npc, possibly COSMOS?

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Chruker says “not published” so probably an unused mission npc. There are all sorts of odd items in the database, you have to remember Eve is coming up on 15 years old. Many projects started and abandoned.

Saw a post where a person tried to sell one, and apparently according to him its a very rare item. He wanted to sell it for 140 Billion isk. There is also only recorded two deaths on zkill including that item in cargohold ever.

Seems like it is a incredibly rare collectible.

The post where someone wanted to sell it:

Zkill for any losses including this item:

I have some missiles that I cant find anywhere or sell anywhere, can only put them into container and give out. :thinking:

I suspect there are more items like it.

According to The Antiquarian in that linked post, the source was the first Incursion event, so must have been January 2011.

The Antiquarian claims in 2014 that only 1 specimen is in existence, however the fact that it was involved in kills in 2014 and 2015 suggests that there are more, and his price of 140 bn seems too high in that light.

The question of course is: do you own it?

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