Looking for Lowsec Corp in Verge Vendor

An unusual inquiry:

I had seen a corp profile that now I can’t remember the name (and I apparently had written it down incorrectly).

I recall it said in the Corp Description said they operate out of lowsec in V V doing PVP/PVE/Mining.

I’ve tried searching for lowsec corps but can’t find the one I saw.

I know that isn’t much to go on but if this rings a bell to anyone please let me know.

Thank you!

Here you got me all excited thinking you were looking to join a low sec Corp.

Do you remember any partial toon names at all? Or what the logo looked like?

Sorta-kinda am looking and that one peaked my interest.

I think the name contained “legion” but can’t be sure.

Not tied to that specific corp per se. Just that V V is close to where I am now and if I had to move it would be easier for me. (Might get a corpmate to come along too)

Well we operate out of caldari fw space and I don’t think we have gone a fast without having a fleet up. VV boarders that area.

But I’ll try to keep my eyes out for the one you mentioned

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