Looking For Mining Guild

HI there,

Mature Player looking for any-sec mining guild that’s based mostly on US East Coast time. I love all the guilds out here looking for newer players, but their ads rarely say what time zone they are (mostly) in.

Have been playing a month and am high sec mining with Retriever/Procurer. And it’s getting a little lonely! I am very dependable and have Discord/microphone.

Please email me in game so I can apply to join your team.

Hi @Anderbot

We love mining too!

I am a returning player who has created a corporation based on learning’s from playing eve for years! We have discord and whilst we are very relaxed about it a lot of people are always available around the clock. Were also a very friendly bunch :slight_smile:

We are recruiting, and we are looking for both old, returning and new players, since the 4 months we started were up to 80 members. We have a lot to offer and a different mentality to ‘most’ eve corps, please take 5 minutes to read our post to see what we are about

If it looks like it could fit please give me, Terrus Askiras, Nyel Blazon or Arlena Xingjue a shout.

Would love to catch up ingame :slight_smile:

I emailed you in game man. Hope we get to talk, but good luck either way. There’s a lot of great corps in the game.

We base our times of US Central, generally getting started between 6pm EST - 8pm EST.


Valion Cunningham
Exodus Sovereignty

Hey Ander, the name’s Isus Jarode. I’m a member of the alliance Strictly Unprofessional, and our sister alliance Mildy Unprofessional is indy-focused with a strong presence in the Essence region of Gallente space. If you’re interested in mining fleets with maximum Orca boosts and a competitive ore buyback program then send me a message in-game and we can talk in depth!

Hey bro!

We are actively recruiting for industrialist. Jump on our Discord and have a chat and see if we are right for you.

Until then Fly Safe,


Hi, if your still in search of a Corp for mining check out Gorgon Heavy Industries. We do quite a bit of mining and would love you too join us. We are based in the EU but I hope that won’t stop you considering us. We’re looking for people from across the time zones to make up or corp.
Feel free to message me here or in game for more info

Hey Anderbot,

We are a east coast time zone corp Tungsten Carbonide Asset Management (TCAM) that is mostly focused on high sec mining, but we also have a wormhole station with a low sec static, so plenty of rare ore opportunities also. We are very friendly towards new players, and have experienced players who can help with fitting management, industry, PI, combat – pretty much anything you are looking to expand into. We also have a corporate buy back program that pays back 90% of Jita prices for any and all items, and more for central focus items that the corp needs.

You can reach us in game at the TCAM Public chat channel or at our discord channel

Come make much more isk in Null Sec. We are an EU/US TZ indy focused corp. Skilled and experienced EVE-players. We’ll help you out and get you settled. Come have a chat with us.

Ingame channel: JXA Public

Come join us, we are USTZ, mixed bag of times ppl are on. We are a mature, laid back group.

o7 Anderbot,

Im a recruiter for OTAI(Of Tears and Isk) and I would like for you to give us a look

What we offer:

For Industrialists:

Reprocessing with Maxed Skills and implants
Buy Back Program including most raw materials in game at an accurate and fair value
Maxed Orca Boosts
Access to accurate values of ores to get the best ISK/M3

For PVE:

Lvl 4 Missions and Epic Arcs throughout New Eden
Abyssal Sites and how to run them solo and fleet without dying and be Profitable!
Triglavian Invasions building and actively training a dedicated team.
C3/4 Wormhole Combat Sites

For Everyone:

Active Discord
Guidance to Maximize your Isk per Hour
A safe learning environment
An active community
A leadership team that has a longstanding addiction to Eve Online, If they’re awake, they’re available

Our policy and commitment to you:

We understand everyone has a Real Life, we are not going to force you to be apart of every event we run. We are a relaxed community who likes to have a good laugh every day and night we are playing. We are committed to maintaining a friendly, welcoming and teaching environment to everyone who chooses to fly with us. In addition we want to help make Eve a fun and engaging experience to everyone who plays with us. We want you to look forward to logging in with us and having a good time while we give you the tools to succeed in making ISK and carving your way in New Eden. Of Tears and ISK is here to help you be the capsuleer you want to be in New Eden.

Must be 18 years or older to apply.

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