[21+][US] Exodus Sovereignty | Recruiting Select Professionals (New, Vet, Returning Pilots)


A Sovereign Community | Speed, Precision, Intensity, Safety

Some quick facts: Exodus Sovereignty - Ticker: EXSOV

  • Timezone: US Central oriented
  • Location: Lonetrek (we’re on a trading pipe that feeds Jita to northern nullsec)
  • Recruiting POC’s: Valion Cunningham, Vall Ridder, Cowski, Fox Eight
  • Public chat: Rum Runner Cantina

Thank you for considering Exodus Sovereignty

We are a new corporation in EVE, with a very experienced leadership team in leading game organizations. Our leadership has moderate EVE experience and we are positioning ourselves to take this corporation to a solid professional level over time. We are running a marathon, not a sprint and focused on healthy balanced growth. Our future trajectory includes sovereign holding nullsec alliance membership, and we are examining faction warfare, and wormholes among other special activities.

Currently we are growing our industrial base to achieves self-sufficiency in supporting industrial, exploration and combat units. Our combat units support our industry’s security needs. Our biggest priority - have fun, and grow our community over the long term!

We are adults with lives, jobs, kids, spouses and responsibilities. Real life always comes first and we have safety nets to take care of our members status. Be an adult, responsible for your actions and yourself, and you’ll have our team working with you!

We are not too proud to admit we have things to learn, we are seeking good people and are open to listening to those with humble knowledge, a good attitude and willingness to get into it with us.

Real life military veteran, and military family friendly.

Current focus Q3 / Q4 2020: We are a new corp just getting off the ground. Presently we are focused on bringing aboard the following:

  • Industry: We want to bring aboard a select few industrial players to take part in building a self sufficient system and we need to bulk up our production efforts.
  • Combatants: We are looking for a select group of PVP pilots with aggressive interests, a cool personality and balanced ego to take part in developing our experience and operations. We need to get into lowsec and need dependable, smart, and aggressive combat pilots.
  • Current Recruiting Priorities:
    • 3 Industrial Pilots
    • 6 PVP Pilots (New and experienced pilots welcome!) | (2 Solid Scouts, 4+ DPS)
    • Experienced EVE recruiters who can apply to the staff
    • Experienced Event Planners
    • Experienced EVE instructors who can apply to the staff


  • Age: 21+ years old unless sponsored by a family member.
  • Comms: Active use of Discord and voice communications without issues.
  • Skill Points: A minimum of One million, (maximum of 10 - 15 million currently.)
  • Exclusive Corp: No other corporation membership or affiliations. This in no way prevents you from enjoying time with friends outside of the corp.
  • Authentication: We conduct background checks on all applicants.
  • Activity: Weekly and scheduled operations. We have a Leave of Absence (LOA) program if you must take time away or have to miss something scheduled, our member safety net.
  • Alt Characters: Welcome and preferred.

Optional (special requests and interests):

  • Use of Industrial Capitals (Orca, Rorqual), Exhumers (Mackinaw, Hulk, Skiff), Barges (Retriever, Covetor, Procurer)
  • PVP: We are getting into the ground floor of PVP and just starting out. We are looking for specific personalities that can be a part of foundation building. (Frigate, Destroyer and Cruiser doctrines moving into others over time.) We are building Caldari assets presently. Logi and EWAR will come when we have people.

Joining Process:

  1. Contact us either on our in-game public chat channel: Rum Runner Cantina (linked in our corp information page)
  2. Be invited to Discord to talk to a Recruiter (brief interview and ice breaker)
  3. If invited to join, you will join as a TRIAL for a maximum of 60 days.
    • Daily access to activities, Discord chat and pretty much expected to hang out and get to know the crew
    • Limited hanger accesses
    • New member indoctrination and training
    • Assistance in moving to our Headquarters
  4. Background checks conducted by our Headquarters without notice prior to full membership being granted, if you are new to EVE that is standard practice and nothing sketchy.

What we offer:

  • Ore & Loot Buy Back Program, Ship Replacement Program (Both in development)
  • Internal promotion and progression system with perks related to standardized member tracking processes
  • Leadership opportunities for those who seek them and are willing to earn them
  • Training to for new EVE players and returning players
  • Growing pool of original blueprints
  • Growing pool of experienced members, Growing Industry Team
  • Nearby access to Security Mission Agents, Ice, Faction Warfare, Lowsec, Nullsec, WH’s
  • More to come as we grow …

Fun fact: We are also an active Star Citizen organization enjoying regular play in the SC PU alpha. We are building a 10 year plus organization spanning these two games.

Exodus_Logo_V2 256x256

Happy Friday all. If you’re looking for a crew, jump into our public chat in game and talk to us.

You can find more information via our information page in-game.


We are looking for some experienced people to fill some of our (non-command oriented) staff roles. We are a new corporation and we honestly need good dependable assistance in working the machine of the corp.

I believe in building teams of people, to remove pressures and so people have help.


  • Recruiting: 2
  • In-processing Clerks: 2
  • Instructors: 2
  • PVP FC (Small Gang): 1

Demonstrable experienced in EVE or other game. Staff perks available.

Look up our corp in game, join Rum Runner Cantina, drinks on us. We look forward to talking to you.

Had a good training op last night. Welcome aboard to our new Trials! With all the great competition out there, I really respect someone choosing us. Have a great weekend!

Jump in our public chat and find out about joining. We’ve had a great last few nights with a PVP training op, and just relax L4’s near our HQ. We’ve got another op coming up this weekend. Looking forward to talking to you!

If you’ve got a staff background, we’d like to talk to you as well.

Now signing on PVP specialists for our combat element:
We are looking for new and experienced PVP’ers who are interested in focusing their time on those related activities. We have several tactical and strategic objectives in mind and are working on a base T2 doctrine to get us out of the gate.

  • We’ll require that you learn our particular doctrines when we ask.
  • Some equipment is funded by the corp, more will be expanded over time.
  • 1M - 20M SP preferred.
  • If you’re over 20M SP, be cool, check the ego. We’re not interested in high SP toons who are bored and we’re not looking for our savior.
  • Have a good attitude, we welcome responsible aggressiveness.
  • We offer our PVP101 class for members who are new at PVP

Refer to the original post for base membership requirements.

Please take a look at our corp info in game, join our Rum Runner Cantina chat and find out more!

We hope you’ll come check us out, we look forward to talking to you!

Awesome PVP training op last night. Come join the fun. Hope ya’ll are having a great weekend out there in EVE. :slight_smile:

Morning all. We’re looking for solid people. Chat us up in game, corp info has our public chat channel.

Afternoon all. We’re laying the ground work to go to nullsec and we are looking to get serious about PVP and bring on select folks. New, returning and veterans welcome. We’re running a fast T2 doctrine to get us out of the gate and green up our board.

Jump into our public chat, Rum Runner Cantina, linked on our corp info page. EXSOV

Thanks and have a great safe day.

As a new player, EXSOV has been a great fit for me. Everyone is super chill and very helpful as I’m learning the ropes. Its been a lot of fun so far growing alongside this Corp and helping the Corp continue to improve. There are a handful of very knowledgeable members in different areas of Eve (PvP, industry, etc.) Leadership is very goal oriented and passionate about the corporation which in turn has made the members more invested in achieving our goals and working as a team.

There are fleets almost everyday, whether is be missions or mining. And larger operations or trainings on the weekend. So there is almost always opportunity to participate and get to hang out and have fun.

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We’re always looking for more members, vets and new players alike. As a newer player I’ve had a great experience so far with with ExSov.

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