Looking for minning corp

Looking to find a mining/indy corp to join to progress my skills and know hows. having a big ich to get get into indy more heavily.

Hi, i have something for you. Write your own story - Join a world building project to make a faction #PvE #Industrial #Faction Warfare #Piracy #Politics # Roleplay #High/Low/00 Sec #Faction missions # Citizenry #Social structure #Deathrace - #4 by Tryme_Trymsson
I am in need of miners and industrialists. You just might like the idea that i have as well and want to grow along with the corp? Let me hear from you :slight_smile:

I open to a lot of things. Worst I can say is no thanks. Let me know what you your thinking.

If you got discord then you can join mine Trymes Companions so we can have a chat. Otherwise we can just talk through direct messiages in the game.

REPZ is an industrial corp looking for pilots to join us in null - Corporations & Alliances / Recruitment Center - EVE Online Forums

Consider this:

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