Looking for new Corp/alliance-preferably in Vale

107 mil SP ‘08 vet returning to game. Want Corp/alliance that enjoys PvP roams, some big fleets and some PvE. I’d rather stay in and around Vale as my existence has been built up around there. 55 in RL and can’t be pissed to move all my ■■■■.

Hit me up if you’re recruiting and live in Vale of the Silent


Hey Tale,

We live in Vale, enjoy a mix of stuff in game including pvp. We’re a (mostly) casual mature corp, friendly atmosphere and more of a community catering for the more casual player.

If you fancy a chat hop on our discord and say hi - https://discord.gg/nNSCuwxzZj

Good afternoon Tale.

My corp is a small mining/pve corp that are reaching out into pvp. we take part in Alliance/coalition Fleet when we can and if they are on our TZ. my corp is mostly EU players and our Alliance SONS OF BANE are all US TZ. we dont have as much as all the other corps around but we sure plan to grow and build our numbers and exp. we also hold SOV in the Vale with easy access to Jita.

if this sounds like something you would like to help grow please feel free to join our discord.


We’re not based out of vale but we live in pure blind if you are interested. Please hit me up in game or through our discord.


Would love an opportunity to speak with you.

FAYN Industries is currently recruiting. We are an industrial based corporation who does a little bit of everything. We offer secure Null security systems with massive earning potential. We offer the following programs and services: Corp buyback program for Ore, extensive null sec moon mining, Boosted mining operations, Great PVE and PVP content, and SRP for fleets. To talk with one of our recruiters, please join FAYN.Recruits in game channel or evemail Mick Lucedy (EU), Brutor Bellum (US) or martyn Sharisa (EU)
Come make your billions with us.

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