[EU] 136m SP pvp’er returning


Having recently returned to the game after a couple of years away, I am now looking to see if there is a good fit for me out there. Most of my time in the game has been spent blowing things up in lowsec and to a lesser degree in highsec, in small to mid-sized corps with an emphasis on having a good time, no drama and being a part of something close-knit.

I can fly most things up to caps (dread / moros V, some caps I already own) with the exception being T3D and smaller ships, as I’ve always been more drawn to at least cruisers and up, but I am willing to give the smaller stuff a try as well if needed, now and then. The majority of my SP is in pvp-related skills as well as remote support skills.

I also have an alt with 25-30ish mil. SP, who may or may not be reactivated - primarily focused on scanning and transport - comes with a JF. Could be willing to train him into dreads as well.

I will say right of the bat, that my activity is limited due to family/kids and work, so that’s something to keep in mind, but I do try to be on when I can. You have been warned :wink:

I’m fully self-sufficient, have headset / mic etc.

Ideally I’m looking for a close-knit, mid-sized group, who enjoy blowing stuff up in lowsec / null with minimal blues.

Thanks for reading!

Hey man hit you up in game but if you are looking for a corp Rusted and Rejuvenated might be what your looking for. We are currently looking to grow are EU TZ but our aliance HYSTERIA has a very active EU TZ player base and are allys do a lot of operations in EU TZ. We currently live in Fade and are space is very active with lots of small gang and fleet opportunities. Let me know if you are interested or hit me up in the “Trust in Rust” channel in game. I have also posted our forum post below.

Hi Katrin, any interest in coming to Pochven? The region functions like a series of interconnected wormholes and is independent from the rest of New Eden, outside wormhole and filament connections.

It’s a bit of a grind to get the standings necessary to fly around the region but once you do there are a lot of Covops PvP activities and high-level “raid style” PvE content available.

Hey! I recently started a lore-based corporation, but we’re very new and still working to recruit members. Even if RP/lore isn’t your thing, you still got a home here, it’s just the background of the corp. and its name. Look us up in game at “Congress on Luminaire Republicanism”, ticker: “CO.LR”. You can find more info on the corp information tab there. Fly safe o/

Come chat with us, we’ll be a good fit for you

hey welcome back mate please check this out Pvp corp Eclipse Pulsar is seeking veteran pvp pilots

Would you consider null sec mate?

Im reaching out to you ingame pls lookout for my mail. You would be a great fit for our corp.
We also off what you are looking for.


Yamagata Syndicate want to expand our player base and gather a solid core of pilots to help bolster our place in Eve.

We are looking for people who will fit in to our corporation and form new friendships. We have a fairly relaxed and mature player base. We expect members to show respect to their fellow corporation and allied pilots, and have a general good attitude towards the eve community as a whole.

We are a PvP focused corporation which operates as a tight knit tactical combat group. Using our in-house doctrines we aim to enable our members to increase their combat capabilities whilst also providing a fun environment to play in.

We expect applicants to show similar ambitions.


We are a member of Shadow Cartel alliance based in Essence region.


We take the view that PvP can take place anywhere so place no limits on where we find content. With our extensive WH system and recon group we are able to find rich content areas throughout Eve including low sec, null sec and WH space.


Small to medium fleets generally are just more rewarding. You become an integral part of your fleet and actually play a part in its success to a much larger degree. This provides a greater thrill and sense of achievement.


No Mandatory fleets bashing citadels or waiting on timers ending in blueballs.
No Blob fleets with tidi where pilots are just F1 pushers.
No Being part of the blue donut where 50% of the map is blue.


  • Experienced and stable leadership
  • Tight-knit friendly community
  • Small to medium sized fleets with a variety of PvP styles
  • Great corp and alliance FCs
  • Experienced and helpful combat pilots
  • No drama


  • Frequent PvP fleets
  • A community focused on teamwork
  • Alliance and Corp Ship Replacement Program
  • Corp fleets including nano roams, wormhole hunting, blops and sniper camps
  • Great logistics to help you get what you want where you need it
  • FC Program


  • Team player
  • Voice comms (Teamspeak)
  • Discord, Slack
  • EU Timezone
  • Self sufficient


Yamagata Syndicate Killboard


Discord recruitment channel: Discord Recruitment

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Going to give this another try - still looking


Hi mate. This isn’t a copy/paste. My corp the Sons of Luminaire is a small, EU only small gang focussed PVP corp. We’ve recently left Galmil faction warfare and had a small hiatus, but I and a good number of the corp’s core members are looking to grow things again and recruit some new, solid PVPers to join us in casual hijinks in both lowsec and null.

We usually aim to roam in fleets of between 5-15 with an average fleet size of around 8 at the moment, which I’d consider ideal fleet size. This is usually anything from cruiser to BS in order to enter the new ESSs around null. We consider ourselves a sub cap corp so if you really want to use those caps we’re probably not for you, but if you want to enjoy some small gang subcap PVP in a chilled environment and with some reasonably skilled players, we’re a good bet.

Check out our recruitment thread and come have a chat on Discord. 🦅 A home for all small-gang PVPers and pirate filth in the European TZ: ★★ Sons of Luminaire ★★


Hey mate, looks like you’ve been in some good corps historically, I was in MC back in the old days although never had the opportunity to fly with Noir. Like you I’ve spent most of my eve life in low sec and 0.0.

Anyway I run a small but growing EU pvp corp based in Drone Lands, we’re specifically setup to cater for part timers with a real life outside of Eve. We don’t tolerate drama and the emphasis and goal of the corp is for our members to have fun. The core of the corp have been flying together for about 8 years, have met in real life and form part of a close social group, playing other games and just jumping on comms for banter sometimes.

Would love to chat more to you, if you get a min pop on discord - https://discord.gg/Dg9hAF5s

Hello, I’m from Saints of Chaos, a pvp focused group in Triumvirate. We’re looking for players trying to reach a level of skill beyond what a nullbloc offers, players who understand the impact a single person can have on small group pvp. Join our discord at https://discord.gg/TDZC5gRqux

Have you considered [NOIR.] ?
We are the oldest active mercenary corp and we could use someone like you.
We are very close knit, focussed on smallgang and we have access to both lowsec and nullsec.

Feel free to check out our killboards to confirm that we are indeed active in pvp and small gang as we claim we are.

Come on by our discord or our public channel. We would love to have a chat and see if we align well.
You are cordially invited to come on a roam with us without any obligations. Let’s just get a feel for eachother and see if it matches. :slight_smile:

You still looking? If so - stop by for a chat, and see if you want what we got.


have a look into this:

hope we can talk soon



If you are still looking for a group, maybe this could be for you



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