Looking for new home. 225mil + sp

HI peeps,
In a couple of weeks when I have finished sorting out my ■■■■ in high sec I will be looking for a new corp to call home.
I have lived in low/null & WH space before but have spent most my time in high sec.
Would like to join a established and active corp in Null only. (Not interested in WH at all)
Corp/Alliance needs to be able to provide regular pvp fleets from small gangs to capital fleets.
Must have comms.
Mainly after a EU tz corp but happy to be a all round tz corp as well.
Isk making abilities to replenish ships if and when needed.

Willing to help and go that bit extra to help corp/alliance reach it’s goals.

Mail me offers or post here, looking forward to hearing of you folks.


OUTLAWS OF NEW EDEN. is a motley collection of cyno-riding 'tope addicts and PVP content fanatics who love to make things explode. We like it solo, small-gang, full fleet, subcap, capital, and we especially love it cloaky. We’re also proud members of Circle-Of-Two
Recruitment is Open
Join JSON ZONE to chit-chat with us! or join our discord

What we offer to members:
• Small-gang, squadron and up to coalition sized fleets.
• We provide access to a wide range of content options, as well as generate our own.
• “Get Rich” ™ Space
• An environment conducive to the pursuit of gudfights
• Active EUTZ/USTZ Corp in a round-the-clock active Alliance.

What we ask of members:
• Active involvement in Corp and Alliance Ops
• Maintain a combat-focused skillplan, with special attention to Covops/Blops
• Working mic and ability to be on comms
• Enjoy yourself & blow up internet spaceships!!

• Minimum sp - Variable. Attitude and willingness to learn/grow are more important, though much of what we do may not suit the average newbros.
• Full API available for application process which you can take care of here
• TS3 interview


Always Enjoy Killing Goons :slight_smile:


@Shuckstar I think we have exactly what you are looking for, SOV holding with a heavy dose of PVP. Our TZ is evenly split; a ton of guys to shoot the ■■■■ with.

Swing by our discord and let’s have a chat! You won’t be disappointed!



You are one step away from FUN!
New corp but with experienced players!
EU TZ, small gang roam / fleets twice per week.


Hey there!
Looks like you would can find a good spot inside our corporation and alliance!
Speaking honestly, as a corporation - we are small, but only as a corporation. I started my own project and continue to work on it, my aim was to make a null sec corporation for like-minded players - RL first attitude (I am a medical student so also sometimes a bit busy with rl, also time for gf, for some basketball etc) and I can say that i achieved it. We are part of LORDE alliance - old one, our core players have been playing with each other for years. ~7 month ago they came from a break and we decided to move ourselves down in null sec. We act like a small family, there are no borders due to different corporations. We understand that our strength in good connections between each other so we always make alliance wide stuff, not only corporation one. (But we have some friendly competitions inside, like who would have more kills by the end of the month :slight_smile:)
We don’t like huge blocks as well. It is just out of our interests. Currently, we live in Tenerifis region as a part of Mistakes were Made coalition. Since we joined we have become major force in this coalition while we had somewhere 20 active members. We lead killboard by kills per month not only among other blued alliances but in a hole region. And we continue to grow up, nowadays we have more active members from both EU and US TZ. They also have their own lives but we all enjoy flying together, shooting stuff and make fun on comms while we are in-game.
We prefer to do all stuff by ourselves. There are good FCs in coalition, but our ones is greatest - from specter fleet and bombers bar. We have good indy pilots, who can build anything. I have access to lots of BPOs and make free copies for anybody in alliance/corporation who wants to start their own production. Also recently we started fun low sec roams to train newbie pilots some pvp and enjoy this game even more.
Currently we are at war with russian’s block in tenerifis, our aim is to have all region under our control. That being said, we are not a block so there are no blue donuts.
For communication we use both discord and TS3.
If you are intrested either mail me in game or you can rich me via discord - Glorfindeil#2642 (in discord i will answer pretty fast)
If you are not interested thank you for reading this long post and best of luck in both rl and eve! :slight_smile:


Alwar Fleet is a corporation of high skill EU players who specializ in PVP of all kind, from solo to two hundred man fleets. We operate in Nullsec and Lowsec space, and we’re also proud members of the Federation Uprising alliance.

Our recruitment is currently open.

Join our Discord and ping a recruiter by doing @Recruiter.

What we offer:

  • Fleets from small gang to 40 man, to 200 man Voltron fleets
  • Wide variety of content, some which comes to us and other content which we create ourselves
  • Money making opportunities in both Faction Warfare and Nullsec
  • An environment which fosters PVP and risktaking
  • Active alliance in which the corporations all work towards common goals for the good of the group

What we ask:

  • Log in at least once a month
  • CTA attendance is mandatory if you can be online
  • Setting up Discord and Teamspeak3
  • Maturity


  • Minimum SP - 2.5 Million (though of course that’s no problem for you :slight_smile: )
  • At least a couple solo kills
  • Application online for which the process will be described upon entering our discord which is linked above
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Yamagata Syndicate want to expand our player base and gather a solid core of pilots to help bolster our place in Eve. We are a member of Circle-of-Two alliance based in Vale of the Silent.

YS is looking for people who will fit in to our corporation and form new friendships. We have a fairly relaxed and mature player base. We expect members to show respect to their fellow corporation and allied pilots, and have a general good attitude towards the eve community as a whole.

We offer:

★ Nullsec
★ Ship Replacement Program
★ Frequent PvP fleets
★ Blackops
★ Small fleet roams
★ Massive fleet battles
★ High end ratting and mining
★ Industrial support
★ A great community with experienced pilots willing to help


★ Maturity
★ Team player
★ Voice comms (Teamspeak)

In-game recruitment channel: Yamagata Syndicate
Discord recruitment channel: Discord Recruitment

Contacts: Nakito Kobara, Dawnbreaker Okaski or Zeddicus Mallows.



I’ve eve-mailed you in game dude.




Check out SASH. in TRI if you want some content :slight_smile: We are looking for folks and as an alliance have plenty of content in EU and US timezones!


Thank’s for the offers peeps on here and in-game.
Keep them coming please, not made my mind up and some very interesting offers. Just so you all know I’m not going to be rushed into making a decision and not ruling anyone out as of yet, I will be responding to all the offers I’m interested in on discord ect at the beginning of next week. If you have not received a response by Wednesday you probably never will :parrotwave2:

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Back to the top :slight_smile:


Hello @Shuckstar ! I just started a corp to run public PVP fleets - and we also recruit vets and newbros to set up a solid corp besides the running of pvp fleets - a bit of pve, atm still in high sec 0.5 - but also in our low sec home, too (Kheram atm).

We want to achieve critical mass of players for the corp and not only for our discord and would be happy to have more miners/indy people who help our new and old players - so perhaps this is something for you: New? Old? Alone? Don't be - join Puffin Squads - Home of the Underdogs

We are a relaxed group and know all about RL aggro, job and kids - the corp just started out, but with public fleets and the new members there is always something to do when you have time and no pressure as we are all in the same boat - and we could really use a vet to help getting it up and running - check it out :slight_smile:

Join the discord for questions: https://discord.gg/deVNUju - hope to see you there and in space!


Mad Librarian (MadLib)

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