Looking for NPC null corp for missions and pvp

currently 12m~ sp with the ability to inject more returning EVE pilot. Took a 2-year hiatus and am looking for a corp/alliance that “controls” major pirate faction space so i can farm LP and get my pvp rocks off. Like the idea of not worrying about sov.

US TZ here.


Hey @Kali_Koke

If you’re interested in giving lowsec a try its relatively the same environment as npc null sec without the pirate agents you should check out Filthy Peasants. We’re a US TZ small gang pirate pvp corp that lives in the Solitude region. I’ve always made more money in lowsec anyway as the DEDs have better loot, there are better npc faction/mordu spawns, but I do admit guristas level 4s were really nice :slight_smile:

If interested join our public channel Open Filth and check out the links below!


Poke me ingame if you know a thing or two bout Stain/Sansha.

started convo in-game.


Want to come farm nightmare bpcs with an amazing alliance buy back price? Msg me in discord rangerwolfy#4987

Edit: we don’t own sov and we have a war so…

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