Looking for null sec

This is going to sound crazy to some but im looking for a nullsec system i can live out of and do ratting,mining,pi and some moon mining if possible.

Ive been playing eve since about 2004 i have my characters in my own corp that i just created because i havnt played in a couple years.

I dont want to join someones corp! Id prefer just join an alliance and do things when i have time to and not worry about players saying im hardly on because of work/Rl stuff.
I also want to fleet up and pvp being thats what i mostly have done in eve. I can fly everything in eve including titans (dont own one) but i can fly them with my titan pilot. I usually only have time in evenings and weekends when im home from work but limited due to kids and wife aggro.

I have no problem helping other corps with pvp defence ect wormhole chains if needed. I lived in wormholes as well.

I pretty much dont have time to dedicate a ton of time and dont like the whining of corp mates whitch is why i want to stay in my own corp with just my characters.

I wont join to pay rent for a system. I will pvp to defend the systems / region im in with whatever ships the fleet is using .

If this doesnt sound to crazy message me.
I am U.S. time zone. Thanks.

Still looking

Providence. Go to Providence.

Whos in Providence these days? Why prov

Providence is a region of nullsec. I have heard that you can be semi-independent there, rather than a null-slave. I wouldn’t know, personally. I prefer NPC null, where I can be truly antisocial.

Hello mate

Come check us out 🇬🇧 Extremely Active Corporation , Established NullSec Community, I-FED - Legacy -early EU time zone

*GriMM Hounds is accepting capable pilots to join us in our new 0.0 Home. We are a US/AU TZ PvP corp.

We fly under the flag of SONS of BANE Alliance. S0B operates in 0.0 Sov space, so you will have the ability to acquire the isk needed for your pew habits.

About us:

We are a diverse membership of bros that have been together for over 10 yrs +. We have been playing and quitting this game for so long now that we can relate it to that of a ex girlfriend who we just cant get rid of. Our members come from all over the globe and we do have many pilots in EU and AU time zones so we are always looking for bros and gals in these time zones to join.

If your an Industrial or PvE pilot, we are OK with this. All we ask is that you must love or want to have a love to blow stuff up. With that said we have all the resources needed to meet your Indy/PvE fetishes. Logistics? Well we are a helpful bunch and If you need assistance we will most certainly help you, but we do want our pilots capable of being independent for the most part. We do have an establish noob training course and pvp guidance program available for those of you just coming back or are looking to try new things.

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