GriMM HounDs - 0.0 SEC PvP - US/AU TZ


*GriMM Hounds corp is looking for pilots to join us in 0.0. We are a US/AU TZ PvP corp. We fly under the SONS of BANE Alliance.

What we offer:

Small Gang Warfare:
We have been flying small-gang for most of our entirety. We’ve almost always had to fight outnumbered and we enjoy the challenge as it keeps the pilots on their toes. We have taught those who aren’t experienced in this type of warfare to learn the skills needed to succeed on the grid.

Medium to Large scale Fleet Warfare:
Though we love the small-gang fun. We realize living in Null requires numbers and so we have accepted the laws of TiDi and will participate in Coalition Ops on a regular to ensure our prosperity and the prosperity of our Allys.

Alliance/Coalition doctrine ships for primary comps.
Cause bringing your Harby to a Tempest party is probably not a good idea.

Discord / Mumble Server as well as auth services and timer board
Keeping things fluid and simple if a small part of what is needed to keep things successful, therefore we utilize these tools not only to help us but help you!

We have a JF service for pilots who are in need of moving stuff. We offer logistic contracts straight from Jita, and often run ops to bring stuff in.

We know the large scale fleets can tax some of us in the wallet. To help with that the Strat op engagements offer SRP to help lessen the blow. We also hand out ships for new bros and those who cant always afford to fly things that we need so we find it worth while to hand you ships in these cases. We will hand out ships for small gang roams from time to time as well.

What we want:

  • Active USTZ or AUTZ Pilot’s - We don’t do mandatory anything, but we expect you on with us to get things done and to show up for pings when needed.

  • PVP- We are OK if you do indy/pve but we require your corp to participate in PvP.

  • Corps that have a minimum of 5 active members who are adapted to life in 0.0

  • Team players - We can only succeed by working together!

What we require:

  • A mic and headset / Discord and Mumble access

  • To be an Active and decently mannered Player with a sense of humor.

  • To have a good attitude (non-toxic) & open minded to most things PvP.

  • The ability to endure a pre-recruitment screening. (we make it fun, most of the time)

  • Lastly to participate in a screening for ticks. (Crabs will be overlooked)


Ravangard, or Tyi’ Ko’rrin

Public Channel:

Grimm Public


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