GriMM HounDs - 0.0 SEC PvP - US/AU TZ


*GriMM Hounds is accepting capable pilots to join us in 0.0. We are a US/AU TZ PvP corp. We fly under the SONS of BANE Alliance.

About us:

We are a diverse membership of easy going bros. We value our PvP and jump at the chance every time it presents itself and so we are looking for pilots of the same flavor. We also have pilots in EU and AU time zones so we are always looking for pilots in these time zones as well.

If your an Industrial or PvE pilot, we are OK with this. All we ask is that you must love or want to have a love to blow stuff up. With that said we have all the resources needed to meet your Indy/PvE fetishes. Logistics? Well we are a helpful bunch and If you need assistance we will most certainly help you, but we do want our pilots capable of being independent for the most part. We do have an establish newbrah training course and pvp guidance program available for those of you just coming back or are looking to try new things.

What we offer:

  • Small-Gang shenanigans / Large fleets
  • Profitable Industrial / PVE opportunities
  • SRP Program for Alliance/Coalition ops
  • Multiple Time Zone support
  • Training for New-Bros
  • Logistics to move stuffs
  • Good Bros to hang with.

What we require:

  • A mic and headset / Discord and Mumble access
  • To be an Active and decently mannered Player with a sense of humor.
  • To have a good attitude (non-toxic) & open minded to most things PvP.
  • The ability to endure a pre-recruitment screening. (we make it fun, most of the time)
  • Lastly to participate in a screening for ticks. (Crabs will be overlooked)


Ravangard, or Tyi’ Ko’rrin

Public Channel:

Grimm Public


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