GRIMM HOUNDS are recruiting.

Pilots who want:

  • Small gang & Solo PvP available with occasional alliance roams.

  • Good people to socialize and kill stuff with

  • Strong leadership and corp oriented goals

  • No Alarm clock CTA’s

  • Great opportunities for isk.

  • Industrial structure in place.

  • Drama free environment

We are a PvP focused corp first and foremost but accommodate rock & rat hunters as well. Pilots will be screened prior to being accepted to assure you are a fit for the corp. We of course want pilots who are experienced, but we will take on and train newbros as well.

We are a USTZ corp and want pilots who operate in our TZ.

(don’t care if you live in the US or not , just need to be on when we are.)

We are also recruiting USTZ PvP corps to join us in our 0.0 NPC space, please join our public channel to inquire

Join us in our PUBLIC channel: GRIMM PUBLIC

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