Returning Player looking for a Corp

Hi there fellow space pilots, I’m a 19 year old who lives on the east coast of the United States(EST) who’s recently gotten back into eve. I currently have just about 14M SP’s mostly invested towards hauling skills but have invested for the past few months towards the combat side of SP’s. I’m mainly looking for a high sec/null sec combat alliance with some business aspects involved ( Mining, Hauling etc ). I’m looking for a experienced alliance to teach me the combat side of EVE as I don’t have much experience with it ( Even though I can afford literally all the fits I want :frowning: Isk doesn’t teach skill :sob: )

Basic Info:

  • All Hauling Ships I can fly except the Jumps ( It would take me 20 days to finish them)
  • Numerous ships fitted ( Loki, Providence, Stratios, etc)
  • About 15 Bill Net worth if I count in my alt ( Contract alt)
  • Inexperienced In PVP side of Eve but I have plenty of time to learn.
  • Omega Account, have spent IRL money on plex.
  • Discord account available, Mic Available.
  • Usually not available during ( 8am - 8:50pm ) on weekdays due to college and work. Available 9pm - 2am est. Weekends usually always available except when I’m working.
  • Usually mature but will joke around.

Extra Info : Just message me on discord if you have any questions Echo#8030

Grimm Hounds is a USTZ corp - We can offer you what you are looking for as well as training for PvP. Look us up.

Public channel: GRIMM PUBLIC

Hey. We are a Est based Indy/exploration corp based in nullsec. Build on a foundation of experienced leadership and a corp that focuses on cooperation to achieve shared goals. We play on a nightly basis in EST till around midnight or 1am. If you want to come have a chat. Join our recruitment discord.

Hey Nathan!

Celestial Precision and our alliance “Loading, Please Wait.” would love to have you in our ranks. Weve got plenty of guys from plenty of sides of eve willing to show you the ropes in any aspect you wish. I myself spent a couple of years as a pirate in low sec in a couple of very successful corporations, as did our CEO. Were all super laid back and looking to build up our people in whatever they want to learn, so we can definitely get you sorted for pvp if you wish.

Let me know in game if youre interested and i can answer any questions you may have my dude.


I would be interested in talking with you about joining ICON Libertas, living in Oasa. We provide PvP training and mentoring. We will help you become both rich and powerful. Please contact me in game, Arrowspeeed Bounty or join public chat ICON_Public

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