[S0B] [D0GS.] GRiMM HounDs PvP Corp


-☜★☞- GRIMM HOUNDS -☜★☞
-= Null/Low PvP corp =-

Are you tired of getting gate camped in Otosela? Want to get those pesky bait ishtars in Uemon that always have a crew ready to back them up? Want to drop on nerds who are marauder ratting in anoms? Then Sons of Bane (S0B) may be just the place for you! Situated with sov at the entrance of Geminate at the fast exit to Caldari and Minmattar lowsec, GriMM affords all kinds of pvp and pve players unique opportunities and challenges with the best of what null and lowsec has to offer. We are currently looking for minimum SP players with a knack for everything small gang to FC-led skirmishes and at times total warfare, which will surely result in billions of iskies in your pocket. Apply today and contact us for more information. Fly safe o7

Requirements: (all not required but must be able to train quickly))

  1. Able to fly T2 Cruiser Hulls
  2. Willing to fly/Train into T3 and Blop’s
  3. A good attitude!
  4. Preferably have a alt for Dreads trained or willing to train on a auxiliary account.
  5. Active participation though we are about RL first.
  6. Must want to PvP regardless of what else you like to do.
  7. Can work with a team.
  8. 18+ Corp, No Drama!

What we offer:

  1. Daily PvP ops/engagements
  2. Heavy activity in US and AUTZ TZ’s
  3. Sov Space for Ratting/Mining/Indy/PI
  4. Competitive Buy Back program
  5. SRP for Alliance and corp fleet ops
  6. A great community for bad jokes, good memes and a great place to spend your time!

Join GRIMM PUBLIC in game or join our Discord:
SOB Corp/Member Recruitment.

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Bump for PvP

Tired of sitting in a NPC station waiting to drop on something, all while listening to some basement ridden nerd talk about how great he is and how great his alliance is cause all he can do is gank? Want to put a bit more variety in your eve life? Have the ability to fill your plate with just a bit of everything this game offers? Want chill dudes to share your life blunders with and have a great time doing it? GriMM has got you covered. We have been PvPeeing our pants since 2009. We are looking for Pvper’s in USTZ. Come get a fresh feel for the game and drop those epeen self assured salt warriors for something better!

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I have been here almost 3 months. I love it here. Lots of Pew Pew!!

Bump and Dump

We have almost around the clock content. Join us now to shoot GOONS!!


PvP ur pants with us

Another Trash Station removed from EvE. We doing Gods work


Pvp pilots wanted

Growing every day!


Late USTZ pvp

Recruiting EU TZ also please enquire for more info

USTZ Pvpers come chat

New blood is good blood

Watching Goon pods explode then reading the tears in reddit together, such a wholesome family environment here!

Wanted: PvP pilots for small gang and blops

USTZ Pilots wanted