Ex Really Strong Alliance members looking for a purpose/alliance

The lads and I need a place to live.

HI, I am a rando from the old RSA and you have literally no reason to remember us. We were just 7 bois who tried to get gud fights in 2017, we would normall have 7 people on comms and 30 caps in fleet. We were completely unaligned to the blue doughnuts of that far away age.

Gud fights were nowhere to be found so we had to innovate…

We were the first to bait the Vanquisher

We were the first to alpha a renter Rorq after he finished the anom

We would go out baiting dread fleets so that we can pick it apart


And why wouldn’t you drop supers on a 200 man NC capital move OP , 1 jump out of their staging.
Just to see the look on his face as he dies in front of a 200 man dread fleet to some Randos

Obviously all of that doesn’t matter since our “Alliance” died. Which is why in this cycle we want to join something, anything!
We have plenty of experience to pass on and plenty of new Eve mechanics to learn.
We have never had an elitist attitude and we encourage everybody to add value to a fleet beyond the F1 dab. The best use of our skills in your alliance would be some way to utilise us in capitals, scout, and Blops groups.

Please let us know if you would like to invite us to join your community or if you have a purpose for us to pursue. We are looking for a long term home, not a quick meme. We don’t care about the size or experience of the group that we join, if kinda made it on our own for a bit we can make it work anywhere.
Have a look at our videos to get a sense of how bad we actually are.

Discord: Davegrowl#6976

We are a PvP focus, goal oriented, RL first corp. Stop by and have a chat, we might be a good fit for you.

Ive added you on disc, we might be of interest for what you wanna do.

Would love to have you as a corp in our alliance or in our corp. We do a lot of capital stuff and fight outnumbered quite a bit. Thanks for your consideration

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Hi there,

I am James TUSKER’ Mac’Call, the founder of T U S K and I’m inviting you to start a new chapter in your journey with our corporation!

Our ultimate goal is to find you and keep you in our corporation. We recruit people not accounts. Once you have learned the basics of our corp and if you feel like it, we offer you the ability to advance into a more dedicated position within our Corporation. You can then begin to focus on the content of your choice.

The services we offer are:

■ The ability to smash our enemies in the face :astonished:
■ Ability to advance within the corporation.
■ Ability to experience different types of content (i.e. Combat, Mission running, Mining, Planetary interactions, Logistics, Market, and Invention).
■ Access to a free blueprint library
■ Buyback system for all type of items with very fair prices
■ Training programs and content for: PVP.
■ Boosted mining fleets and moon mining projects.
■ 0-5% corporation tax compared to 11% NPC corporation tax.
■ Ability to take roles in the corporation and build a name for yourself.
■ Faction Warfare (Gallente Federation - for the fights)
■ A chance to make a lot of new friends to play with.
■ And much more!

What do we require?

We do not require much from our new members. We are simply looking for new players that in time will be part of the core group of our corporation. So in other words we are giving you the chance to get to know us without any hard requirements and vice versa. All of our rules are located in here but if you are a friendly and mature player who can understand English, you are good to go!

Interested in joining us?

If all this sounds good to you and you want to give us a try then all you have to do to join us is to make an application to our corporation. If for some reason we would not be the right corporation for you, you can always leave at any time!

To join us click on " TUSK-Public " .Simply click yellow corporation link listed on that channel and press on the apply to join button to make an application.

Want to know more about us?

If you would like to know more about us you can:

■ Join our public discord in here https://discord.gg/hpjhVmu
■ Or directly reply to this mail with your questions!

Best Regards

James ‘TUSKER’ Mac’Call

Hello mate, Eve Defence Force is one of Eve’s oldest PvP corps and we live in Fountain as part of Imperium. We’re a cap heavy corp looking for Cap pilots willing to use their ships. Right now there’s a deployment you can get on after a short settling in period which will give you a lot of fun. Check out our killboard to see what I’m talking about.

We work to long term goals and at almost 17 years old, we’re not about to disappear tomorrow. If you’d like to do more then do me a favour and drop by our discord and type !apply to ping a recruiter to get our attention. Then we can have a chat.

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