I wanna be loved too

This is ME and I am looking for a new home.

I have been playing for many MANY years (not my first or only toon) and have had my fill of nullsec, running alliances and corps, and now am just looking for a highsec home as a grunt to chill in.

I have my own T2 fitted (boosts) Orca and will provide boosts on mining ops for 10% of total mined to pay for the charges and my lack of meaningful mining myself so I too get a marginal income.

I would also like some small gang pew to break up the monotony of mining/ratting. I can run scout, tackle, dps, or event boost but don’t ask me to logi, I don’t like giving too much :wink: So an occasional roam into low, or even filament out to null will make me a very happy grunt indeed. Don’t panic I’m not looking for SRP or anything like that, I only fly what I am prepared to lose. Also finally I don’t tend to deal to well with KB freaks, it’s a game, I play it to have fun and not worry about what the “CEO” thinks about losses.

So over to you, what ya got ?

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I understand you may want to be adored…

While I can promise nothing, come have a chat… mining not necessary. PVP on tap.

Corporation 1 have got a small number of members, both returning veterans and newbros like myself - we are growing as a unified team, our CEO is relaxed and happy to let us do our own things.

We all seem to want some form of mining, so you would fit right in with that. We also have industrialists and ratters… We will PvP at some point, but it’s not a priority right now.

Have a look at our recruitment thread then drop GrislyMonster or myself a message in game if you want to chat further :slight_smile:

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Hay Miola Amatin we a small pvp corp eu/usa
If you looking for pvp soon as I join back with my alliance you will have more targets that you can shake a stick at with over 100 war dec on iv only drop out so I can get more member and make it easier for new members to move there stuff we need member to do more pvp opp so if your interest in being a member and not just a number drop me message in the meantime check out FAQ also there is a link to or discord channel

Hello Miola Amatin. We want to love you.

Hey come see us. You can decide if you want to be part of the family or just come hang out for a bit :slight_smile:

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