Looking for PVP alliance with a great community

So I’m returning after about a 10 month break from Eve, I got burnt out after running one of the Amarr FW alliances.

My Corp “Speaker for the Dead” is a few close friends and at this point I’m putting out the feelers for a new alliance. Our Corp right now is fairly mothballed, but I’m anticipating numerous old pals coming back and I’ll be recruiting as well.

Corp Killboard: Speaker for the Dead | Corporation | zKillboard

About me: I’ve been playing eve since 2010 and I’ve done it all. I’ve been in null, wh space, low sec pirate, form and ran one of the largest Amarr FW alliances in 2017-2018. I love to FC small gang pvp.

I’m looking for some offers from alliances willing to let us join up in this phase of rebuilding we are in. I know on paper right now we aren’t crushing it, but we have vast experience.

I think the biggest thing we are looking for is community. I don’t really care how impressive your killboard is if your alliance is like another job I’m not interested. I’m looking for a place to make friends and have fun. I also want to get back into running pvp fleets.

Thanks for reading,


Discord: LINDDIESEL [BELZ]#4150

hey mate, we can discuss your corp joining. check out or link and if you wanna know more hit me up in discord. You wouldnt be renters, you’d be one of us. (Clara precesdei) theres a link in the add - Free beer and hookers for all that join us

I’ve sent Discord invite to you also, but our Alliance is looking for Corp to join and surely have PVP content.

Osiris Syndicate is a newly formed alliance and is looking for corps to fill its ranks!

Based out of Sov owned Null Sec space in Scalding Pass we have great PVP opportunities with NPC Null next door and in our back yard!

What Do We Offer?

  • Upgraded SOV NULL
  • Low Taxes
  • Local and Regional Markets
  • Hands on, active and experienced Leadership
  • Regular Small Gang and Large Scale Fleets
  • Funloving Community
  • Member of Fi.RE Coalition
  • Rent Free Moons!
  • Ice Belt


  • Utilize The Space We Fight For!
  • Fight For The Space We Utilize!
  • Train Into and Fly Doctrines
  • TS3/Discord/Mumble
  • 10 Active players

Contact us on Discord

Welcome back to eve! Always good to see folks coming back!

Already Replaced is a nullsec sov alliance, we’ve been around the block recently, living on the front lines of Delve in the war with the Imperium and are now in the process to cutting out a little space of our own again. (We are members of the FI.RE coalition, so plenty of support when we need it)
We are a tight knit group, plenty of old indy folks but honestly enjoying pvp of all sorts at the moment.
We are rather low-key in terms of requirements, emphasizing instead our players enjoying the game.
Check out our killboard!

That being said we do offer
Some prime ratting/mining space
Content to your heart’s content
Top quality JF service to and from highsec
a community to die for.

Hit me up on our public discord if you’d like to have a chat!

Heyyyyy Doughboy61!

Welcome back after your long break, if you are looking for an active corp then The Fuel Consortium is for you!

We Offer:

  • A friendly corporation for all experience levels and time zones
  • Regular fleets for PVE, PVP, Mining. Players can also offer to run events themselves
  • A unique buyback program for Ice, Ore, Loot, and PI products
  • PVP, PVE, Incursion, Mining and WH Training
  • We provide a Ship Replacement Program for corporation events.
  • Free access to our Industrial and Citadels infrastructure

We are based in the Genesis region and have a tight-knit community. We cater to almost every playstyle. We have pilots in nearly every time zone so playing with others when you are online will not be a problem.

If you are interested, please feel free to join our discord server here or message us in-game in our public channel “The Fuel Consortium Public”.

We look forward to flying with you!
-Tyree D’varo

I sent you an in-game message! Enjoy!

A lot of great offers, narrowing down our options, thanks everyone so far!!

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