Looking for PVP Corp

Good day Eve recruiters.

I am an agent for a long term character looking for the following from a corp:

  • Small(ish) gang with some larger fun depending on situation. Blues within reason.
  • Cap use is okay.
  • Low sec and/or WH and/or Null – just not interested in start up WH corps or Merc work.
  • New corps are not out of the question depending on who is running the show
  • Alliance is also okay just not one of the big blocks
  • No drama. Period.
  • Sense of humor with respect.
  • High sec wars are okay just not all the time as in revenge
  • Reasonable expectations. I have a vibrant RL that will come first.

About me:

  • Currently inside a Goonswarm Corp. Excellent corp. Stand up people. I have more RL now than expected and will not change. I cannot work with expectations required. No, I will not and am not a spy. Don’t care about EvE politics unless it’s worth a chuckle.
  • Main character has 265 million SP. Been around since 2004.
  • Comes with another decent PVP alt and a gaggle of support.
  • I am mostly self-sufficient.
  • Mostly early US late - UK/EU times and some weekends (wife regulated)
  • Have lots of assets. Not all that concerned about SRP etc.
  • English speaking and mature (as in older than most but not dead yet)
  • Yes, I have a mic and discord. I do not sing.

Why am I using an alt. Well, with a war ongoing, actively looking for a corp can be misread as a spy looking to run. I rather leave with my hat and coat and thanks for the good times.

Contact this char in game or via this thread. Better this thread as I am on the road for a few days.

Check us out dude. We are one of the most active low-sec corporations and alliances in FW right now. We are primarily PVPers with a focus on content generation for working professionals. FW is the place to be these days!

We are Hardly Committed, a new alliance living in detorid and part of the Hard Commit, with a focus on pvp above all, while still maintaining the space and facilities for you to make as much isk as you require. If you have any questions feel free to join our discord. From what info you provide about yourself, that we would be a great fit. Hope to hear from you!


Reading your discription of what you have to offer an expect of a new home maybe we are the one for you.

Seeing you want a laid back corp who explore almost all aspects of the game and still want to feel free to jump back in RL at anny time maybe we are the one for you.

Il link my recruitment post below.
I think we can offer exactly what you want

hi there m8

most of the points you mentioned fits in what we do

if you want some good reasons to why you should consider us please have a look at our latest banner

You can also join our discord for a talk if you like


o7 hope you are well I think you’d like what we have to offer if you wish to know more my linked post is below hope to speak to you soon :slight_smile:

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