Looking for pvp corps or those that want to pvp

The Hashashin Cartel is looking for new corps to help fill our ranks. We are interested in those that either like to pvp or want to learn to pvp. We are also taking individuals who want to do the same.

– US timezone
– Minmatar Miliita
– Constant pvp action
– Great individual isk making opportunities
– PVP training
– Experienced leadership

Convo or mail me in game or respond here to discuss further if you are interested. See you in space!!

This is a great place to hone your pvp skills or grow your corp’s pvp skills.

If you want to have the most fun in game FW is the place to be!!

This is it. The best and last place you’ll ever need to be.

Do you accept fw alts?

Absolutely. I assume most people participating in FW are alts until proven otherwise anyway. The only thing I ask is let me know who your main is.

Awesome man you will be hearing from me soon :smiley: free bump!

Sounds good. Looking forward to it.

Come get in on the fighting.

Bring yourself and your friends and fight for freedom!!

We need you!!

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