Looking for PVP pilots

Hi there,

Recently decided to open recruitment to my Corp

Looking for pilots interested in PVP mainly but everyone is welcome as i myself like to mill around the game doing things other than pewpew

Just joined a small Alliance that work out of Triglavian space as well as Venal for PVP and PVE

There is not a lot that I can say other than that really, we have no SOV which means no CTA’s and that makes it easier to just enjoy EVE for the game it is rather than making it a second job unless that’s what you want then you definitely don’t want to join us :smiley:

If your interested in just messing around in small gangs having some fun or even want to spend time doing your own thing or PVE with a small group then consider joining the in game chat ROYAL CHATTER and we can have a chat


To the top :smiley:

Recruitment centre open for talks tonight

Still looking for pilots o7

lets be top for a mo :smiley:

Still looking for guys to join in on our messing about :smiley:

Time for a bump

Lets take it to the top

how many corp members

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