Looking for Sardines!

New Corp Recruiting!

We are looking for people interested in the following:

  1. Industry
  2. PvE
  3. PvP - small gang to start pref. (low sec / null fleets & high sec when needed)

Individuals we are looking for:

  1. Industrialists
  2. PvE
  3. PvP

New player friendly - training will be given.
Vets - indy, pve & pvp (small gang pref. to start)

Buy back Ore program will be available.
Discord available.

Our public channel is: Sardines - pop by for a chat or recruiters info is in channel.

Newbros or vets, all welcome, join us and help us forming a proper school of sardines. :fish:
For questions join channel: Sardines

We are still looking for more sardines! New and old alike - pvp, pve or indy -
join our channel Sardines for a chat

Looking for pvp individuals or corps!

Indies welcome too - still recruiting new and old! Join ‘Sardines’ public channel…
Fly safe

Found some nice corps and individuals - looking to carry that on in all aspects of Eve - pvp, pve, indy - laid back alliance - ‘Sardines’ is our public channel

Come check us out!

Couple more joined the school of sardines, but we are still recruiting both individuals and corporations.
Life under the sea is PvE, PvP and Industry (we do not pollute… not too much)

Still recruiting. :fish:

  • Newbros - we can train you and kickstart your EVE career (PvE, PvP, Industry…)
  • Vets - we are building up so experience is always welcome

Join our channel ‘Sardines’ to have a chat! Yes Sardines do talk!

Yup come and join us - PvE, Mining and PvP
We need more players to join our team - we are multi tz’s.

Operations starting up!

Join up for some PvE, PvP, Mining/Indy and in general fun, like only sardines can have!
Channel ‘Sardines’

We want you!

Yep still recruiting, both PvE and PvE Sardines, come and have an undersea chat with us: Sardines

Here’s the deal Sardines

We are building up from scratch, couple of PvE, PvP, Indy vets, and some newbros.
If you are new, come and join us we can teach you!
If you are a vet and like to help training and building a corp up, that’s what we are doing. :slight_smile:

Convo/message me or LEG0 MAN in game, or join our PUB: Sardines
:fish: :fish:

More Sardines joined up, but we are still recruiting!
Doesn’t matter what time zone you are in or what you like to do in EVE, we might really have what’s right for you.
Hop into our public channel: Sardines
Or contact in game either me or LEG0 MAN.

Growing but still looking! :fish:
Pass by in our public channel: Sardines
Looking for all Time Zones, also AU/NZ

Nice mining areas, great PVE and nearby low sec -
Sardines channel for a chat or contact Xia Long or Nexus 11 in game :grinning:

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