Looking for SOV Null

(Quinlin Harpy) #1


Looking for a SOV nullsec corp with decent systems to rat in that are preferably a bit out of the way and quiet. I don’t have massive amounts of time to log in but I am willing to PVP if there is pvp stuff happening however I primarily wanna make some decent isk.

Thanks in advance o7

(Deckhard Aura) #2

Heya, my corp/alliance is looking for more members. We do PvP a fair bit, but we have good space to make ISK on the side. We’re a USTZ organization and live out in Fountain.

Feel free to message me in game or with a Direct Message here.

(HepatitisMe Andedare) #3

If we interest you stop on by.

(Jayson Lee) #4

Give Sonic Intoxication a look. We fit what you are looking for. Contact me or Zarosh Dugan if interested

(Minnerma) #5

Pss! Hey! You, gyus it`s a spy infiltration process…
Be carefull…

(Quinlin Harpy) #6

I’m sorry what?

(Minnerma) #7

I do not talk with spy…
Never mind Bro. It`s just a reflection of SOV Null paranoia about espionage and etc.

(Quinlin Harpy) #8

Well could you not sh!t up my post with your crap then please.

(Minnerma) #9

Well, your reaction is full of emotions, that points to right direction of my post. Anyway you can use ingame “Find corporation” feature to get what you want.
Use of forum to find SOV Nul corp means - you want to form opinion that corporation had find you, not you`d find corporation. And that means that you are a spy.
Thanks for reading. Best wishes to find corp you are looking for.

(Quinlin Harpy) #10

Dude why even bother commenting…

(Davos Azizora) #11

Hey Quin,

Dissident Aggressor, Mordus Angels EXEC corp is looking for more bros. Check out Dissident Aggressors Recruitment or join us in our ingame channel ‘DTAS HR’.

Flysafe o7