Looking for to join a mining company

ATM im running 6 acccounts and have my own mining fleet, with 4 Huls, 1 Ocra and a T2 Scorpion tank that can make them a bit more secure…

The hulks doing 28,6 /s and the orca driver has full skill in bonuses. Mostly high sec miinig now, but
im building up a Rorqual too to use in low sec. BUt not quit fininshed with the fitting… but have the skills to drive it…

Send mail to Zyclo Lazair in game if your intrsted in more mining power…


HI !

I got so mush responce on this that it was hard to pick one… BUt have decided to go for a company in 0 sec.
Tx for all the Rsponce…


How about a change of scenery to Null ? Pricey rocks, and industry that can eat up that ore !

join our channel:


0.0 mining and moon mining

Hello, I messaged you in game, looking forward to your reply!

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