Looking for UK/ EU corp

it’s not like people are asking for your real life info for the game, their asking for game info in a game.

Many do, I’ve had virus scripts sent to my email after I left a corp, I’ve had people from eve send me google maps screenshots of the front of my house, and then you have people like this

Honestly it’s better to be a loner than go down this road with the likes of the people who play eve. I will give nobody a single thing, not my email, facebook, API key or anything else.

You can’t get E-mail addresses from API’s thats your own fault for providing those to people. And them getting your address is being in a comms tool thats not made in game by CCP as those are not governed by them and again your fault and in no way related to APIs.

If you get mails and screenshots of your addresses from other players, you should send it to CCP and allow them to take action to ban them from the game to reduce such actions.

Anyhow, I was directing this at the person who posted the advert to see if there’s a way to get him to be more open to API Keys as they’re not the evil thing people seem to think and there’s a fair few reasons for it. If the OP is interested message me to avoid more people trying to jump on this if not no worries ~

It’s like I’m talking to a generic dreary reply generator. I bet you’re great fun in at parties.

As someone that works in social services no, none of thoes Jobs mentioned require a background check before an offer of employment.

But no, I don’t think I will be open to mandatory API checks because the moral still stands.

It’s been fobbed off once saying it’s for standard automated checks then later said its used for both automation and to read through peoples messages…it’s intrusive.
I have friends in real life that play this game , some even refer to me by my real name and it’s absolutely no business of any corporation the conversations I have with thoes people.

So for every 50 people you steal there multiple character data from you may find 1 untrustworthy person…it’s a messed up system that people implement to accompany their paranoia and I won’t take part in it.

Especially when some of us leave corps on good standing or are just looking to expand their play time.

I understand it’s an easy way to do a background check and makes the process easier for CEOs to bolster their corp numbers.

But I did clearly state in my original post that a corp that holds its potential new members in such low reguard is not a corp I’d enjoy being part of.

But out of interest Aurelia do you and your corp management CEOs offer the same in return ? I.e would the applicant receive a full API key from the owners and CEOs of the corp to clarify that they too are trustworthy players ?

Just jumping in to say this is a great convo on API checks and a rare thing on the internet: people being courteous and civil to each other on opposite sides of the debate.

Great stuff!

Hahaha, people can have different views but still be curtius we don’t have to resolve to name calling…Aurelia Breeze and other people that have been involved in this conversation may have different views to me but that doesn’t mean wev’e gotta turn into a &%$^'s about it :slight_smile:

…totally imagining 2 Englishmen wearing bowler hats and monocles having a discussion…good day to you sir !!! lol

I agree totally, but sadly it’s a rare thing to behold on the internet.

@Blackd0g I would have to base it on the person I was speaking to, as anyone should but I don’t have an issue with people seeing my API as their CEO for a few minutes, obviously I have to be somewhat conscious of Mails due Operation Security in Nullsec PVP Alliances etc so there’s obviously limiting factors to that being a complete 2 way street, which somewhat reduces your options. Other things to consider is that as a CEO I’m a “public face” for my corporation so regardless of being able to see my APIs if I were to do anything shady it would become obviously apparent.

Plus - I’m smart enough not to discuss anything personal life etc or plans etc in game anyway due to obvious reasons, I’ve not had any mails sent / received in the corporation apart from things like ~ Buy orders / Orebuybacks etc and questions from potentital recruits (which again I would be dubious of sharing as those are conversations between a recruit who might be poached if I were to release it!)

With the above in mind, it really becomes restricting how much of an API I could actually share with a new recruit, to the point it would become pointless, alternatives however would be to message members within my corporation to ask how the corp is, how its run, what I’, like etc rather than the API. I do usually message peoples previous CEO’s and see if they left on good terms and use that more of a determining factor if I want someone, the API’s are really just more of a requirement for all large nullsec alliances, mostly these days for services.

BlackD0g if you want to message me in game about this I don’t mind having a chat and doing an interview etc however you want to put it across without an API (I never ask for those until I’m happy to drag you in), but we don’t actually ask for a “full api”, it’s still a tad intrusive however.

I like to think I am a Rare Entity on the Internet so thanks!

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Well, White Fang Militia is open for business. We’re in Minmatar FW but ready to do some lowsec roaming as well. No API checks unless you want roles, & then we’ll want a permanent one but that’s just common sense. We’re EU & US TZ, have access to a wormhole PI farm & there’s always someone around to chat with on Slack.
Give me a shout if this is of any interest! White Famng Militia Public ingame, or https://www.hipchat.com/gzophmqSb in a web browser.

I have a few guys online during UK/EU timezones.

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