3.4m SP looking for friendly exploration corp

I’m an inexperienced player looking mainly for exploration, either HS, LS, WH… I did a bit of exploration before only in HS so basically I don’t know anything related to exploration, but I’m very excited to learn.

I’m living in Europe and I’m in my mid 20s.

I run most of my activities around Dodixie and Clellinon.

Would prefer a non PVP corporation since I’m still a bit nervous to go into that and would like to try a more relaxed community for now.

Don’t have a lot of ISK but I can bring my own ships.

Able to use Discord or whatever everyone is using.

As I said I don’t have much experience or resources, all I can offer is my will to learn and participate in the corporation’s activities. I hope we can have a lot of fun and help each other along the way.

Can provide more information as needed.

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Wild.Hunt Alliance is kicking open its doors to corporations and individuals!

What/Who/Where Are We?
We are community first and a PVP alliance second.
We hold SOV NULL in the beautiful region of Fountain.
We actively aim to maintain incomes and content for our members,
and leadership works to maintain transparency, minimizing under the table rub and tug.
We are an alliance member of the Heathens coalition, other members include Iron Armada and Feign Disorder; both of which are also PVP communities.

What Do We Offer?

  • Upgraded SOV NULL
  • Low Taxes
  • Hands On Leadership
  • Regular Small Gang Roams and Large Scale Fleets
  • A Short Blue List
  • Funloving Community

What Do We Ask?

  • Utilize The Space We Fight For!
  • Fight For The Space We Utilize!
  • Follow Corporation and Alliance CoD!
  • Contribute To The Community
  • Train Into and Fly Our Doctrines
  • TS3/Discord

Newer bros ( & alphas ) are welcome, we will train you and teach you how to enjoy EVE. Understand that upon joining, you will enter a probationary membership period, corporation CEOs will lift this at their own discretion. Understand also that we are primarily an omega community, we aim for all members to become omega.

Member Corporations Include:

  • The Cwn Annwn
  • Gods -n- Monsters
  • Nihil Ad Abyssi
  • Creative Winning I.N.C
  • Lagese Smuggling Co
  • Laughing Jackass
  • The Last Void

Join our alliance discord ( linked below ) and introduce yourself!

For friendly exploration with no PvP, you won’t go wrong with Signal Cartel.


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Hi C0venent!

My corp is looking for dedicated explorer in the EU TZ and you might be a great fit. We’re based in NPC nullsec, N-6 in Great Wildlands. It’s a really great spot for exploration, with a connections to 3 big pockets of scannable systems.

We’ve been finding cool wormholes and good null data sites. We have a PVP core but you don’t need to join any fleet you don’t want to, or any at all really! The advantage of having some combat pilots around though is if you find some high end complexes we have the skills and ships to run them and split that dank loot!

We’ve got Discord and a really welcoming corp atmosphere. I’d love for you to at least hang out with us and see if it’s a place you could call home.

Join our public channel: “Capitalist Chat” and look for NightJester, our top EU guy. Chat him up and he’ll get you sorted.

Sonic intoxication

Sonic Intoxication is a group oriented Null Sec corporation looking for players who are interested in Team based game play and progression.

Sonic Intoxication Offers >

Small - Medium Gang WarfareVoice Communication ToolsShip Replacement ProgramOre / PI Corp BuybackYears Of ExperienceGood Ratting/Mining/PI
Sonic Intoxication is Looking For >>

Team Players
Pilots looking to learn
Pilots who can Have fun
About Sonic Intoxication

Sonic Intoxication consists of Pilots who have been playing from 14 years to 4 months! An old corp that is recently reforming and establishing our presence in an Alliance that is establishing its presence. Teaching others Eve is all part of the game, and our pilots are not adverse to it.

Our pilots don’t take the game too seriously, but at the same time are looking to improve ourselves and our space!

If you’re looking to be a part of something and grow with us, rather than be just another number evemail or convo Zarosh Dugan

c0venant PT,

Come and join The Riot Formation [RIOT.]

We specialise in helping new players. We have some great pilots who are always willing to give time. We’d love to have you! Join us on a nice nullsec PVP roam!

Speak to Wishdokkta CEO for EU and Undeadenemy for US

Hello @c0venant_PT :smile:
If you are still hunting for a Corporation then i just might have what you are looking for :wink: We are willing to help you out and train you and let´s together unlock new edens secrets.

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