EITC is rec & LF new alliance members

Logo_eitc_emblem East Indian Trading Company is recruiting :blush:Logo_eitc_emblem

About the Corporation

The honorble East Indian Trading Company was founded 2017.03.13 by @Dain_Durin with a unique long term plan of his. Since then, he and the corporation have strived torwards that goal.

We do a bit of everything, may it be to uncover all the secrets that lurks around in the eve world or to understand them and their purposes. Or to do do relaxing materials extraction with a band of musicians playing live in discord while the others my sing along or to have a good topic to talk about to pass the time. This may sould like we are just PvE:ers but rest assured we are not…
We are ambitious, therefore we plan big but dream bigger.
We are diplomatic, therefore we use communications before violence.
We are not a Corporation… We are a faction.
And we are so mutch more…

About you

We are searching for a teamplayer since you will be working in groups quite often when you are doing Corporation related activities. You are willing to learn more about the game and develop yourself as a pilot, as well as being willing to train yourself torwards becoming a specilised pilot. You have no problems following the rules set by the coporation and follow orders when you are in fleet. You have access to a working mic and have discord installed or willing to get it.

Avalible positions

3 positions as frigate mining pilots
As a mining pilot you will extract ore from astroidbelts and oresites, as well as extract gas and ice from gassites and icesites.

No experience is required, training is provided if needed.

5 positions as combat frigate pilots
As a combat firgate pilot you will be in the heat of the battle constantly against Npc:s or other capsuleers. May it be to wreck ships or to heal them.
It is important that you will follow the guidelines regarding our combat policies and uphold them.

No combat experience needed, we will provide training if needed.

4 positions as exploration frigate pilots for our exploration team
As a exploration frigate pilot you will be a part of our exploration team where you will travel around the eve world with a team of explorers who you will work with closely and gather all the data you can find. You´ll also be trying to solve the mysteries that no other pilot has yet completely understood. All the data will be put into a single document that we will try to solve.
You will as well function as our eyes and ears, possibly participate in scouting missions for the Corporation when needed.

No experiance needed and training provided if necessary.

2 positions as industrial pilots
As a industrial pilot you will be doing refining for the Corporation as well as researching blueprints for the Corporation. You will handle the production side of things for the Corporation. You will work in a team and do hauling for the Corporation as well.

No experience needed, training provided if necessary.

Experiance Points needed to join

0 skill Points

Corporation tax

The Corporation tax is 10% and we have a material 20% tax on everything you collect/extract in material wise except loot, The rest of the 80% that you collect/extract will be yours to keep.
The material tax that the Corporation collects will go forwards to increase the Corporations isk pool as well as paying rents, construct ships, modules and structures for the Corporation usage that will be used during operations.

An example: we gain isk and materials from an operation, we then buy a few blueprints on the market with the isk that we gained from the operation and reaserch the blueprints. Time goes --> a few more operations later and more material has piled up. The blueprints are fully reaserched and now we put our industrialists to work. —> out comes a big pile of ships and modules that will be divided into diffrent locations and hangars, but most of it will go towards our to a special hangar where we keep our ships and modules. Those ships will be fitted and be loaned out to our members during operations and then returned after the operation is done. By doing this, the pilot keeps it´s own assets intact to themsleves and the Corporation gets all the big losses.

EITC is looking for new Alliance members to join our upcomming Alliance.

We are looking for, as a starter, a few smaller smaller Corporations that would like to join a promising upcomming faction. You would have to intergrate into our faction culture and policies if you were to join us. You would have to as well pay your 2 million monthly upkeep (the isk that the Alliance head pays to have you in the Alliance).

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