Looking for wh allance

have 6 acounts with sp around 70 to 105m done whs for 2/3 years low SEC high where ever done trading building run 130 pi chain been build cits and what ever caps fly most things never done much pvp as au time zone and not lot to teach u and die ’ Looking wh allance in whs have own cits jumps dreads carrier what ever just stick me in corner and will look arfter self just want compay no tantrims am in 00 at mont but want to move back in to whs rathere not do on own again drop this toon a message if recon we may work togethere am on usely round 1hour bfor dt and 3/4 hours arfter reson dont want to join corp is every time cost me bils when they fold or some one knocs stuff of drop me line

Wormlife. We will contact you.

If still looking, check us out:

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