Looking to hire an IT guy ** please delete **

A friend of mine has started his own alliance and is looking to setup some IT services to get things going , advice is also more than likly required as he doesn’t know much about IT ( nor do I )

Services required

Some type of alliance auth that can be linked to both discord and teamspeak/mumble

A way to track each corps bounty payments

He has his own domain but not sure if that’s enough to host this type of thing ? If anyone could help us set it up that would be good , willing to pay :moneybag:

Please leave a message here for best point of contact

You can contact me via discord, I’d be happy to guide you through and help you setup it ( I did a setup recently ) - working as SysAdmin/Network Engineer

Discord: Shvz(WeekendMake)#8750

Hi SaberX,
I would be more than happy to take care of your friend’s IT needs. I have a solution in mind that should do quite nicely. I can walk him through the process from start to finish, as well as teach him (and you) how to be self-sufficient in on-going administration and maintenance of the alliance’s Infrastructure, so you will be able to handle day-to-day operations and updates. Please feel free to Convo me, EVEMail me, or reach out to me on discord via DM. My discord User name is “Bill Ramen REDUX#6759”.
Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

sent you an evemail. Please advise if you are still looking for an IT guy.

Keep in mind you’ll need more than just a domain, you’ll need a host which will incur monthly fees (which can get expensive if you have a large SeAT instance for example)

Hello everyone just wanted to say we found the person we are looking for and he has nearly built our services - thanks everyone for the help and advice