Looking to Join small Corp ( Amarr )

looking to either join or form a small corp with a few people interested in the same thing.

would like to find some people for casual PvP/FW, PvE, Group mining and industry i have rorqual, orca and a few strip miners.

just looking to get back into the game again and looking for a nice group to join up with.

im running 3 accounts with over 150 mil sp across them fly pretty much another other than Titan…

feel free to add my discord Gruumsh#8044

You Are Welcome With Us

Hi Ben,
I have a start up community that i am building up that you might be able to help build up or just a part of.
We are currently only 3 when this was written. But i hope to make this to a unique large community down the road. But for now we are small and focusing on the present with a aim for the future.
Take a look, contact me if you find this interesting & we will take it from there.

Hi Ben Join us in Lowsec to PVP. PVE and Mine just click the link to start today NEFIE

Check us out. Most active USTZ gallente militia corp. Tons of content all day.

Hey Ben!
Our group is always looking for new and returning players!
Our Corp offers tons of opportunities!
I’ve linked our, ‘Recruitment’ post which should have a pretty large detail of what we do and are about!
I’ve also added you to discord, so I look forward to chatting with you!

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