[Low/Null-Sec] YAH - the industrial titan with huge PvE disposition

Welcome pilots o7

YAH is the wealthiest enterprise in Jita’s low and null sec premises.
We are highly aimed at manufacturing and PvE - running all sites possible.
Besides mining itself (we generally harvest gas), we are producing highest quality boosters on the market. That makes us rich. What makes us strong then? Money from sales :slightly_smiling_face:
We can expand in variety of roles, but most likely PvE designated in low (0.3) and null (0.0) security.

Please spend barely 3 minutes to check out our newsletter https://www.youradhere.space/

We are half EU half US, so both timezones included. Moreover, we often meet together as of this COVID home lockdown, EU players stay late at nights…

Speaking briefly: get rich and go for difficult sites - both with our companionship.

Kind regards and of course stay safe guys,
Merci Homelander

Does anybody know how do you set up tags on the topic?

Recruitation is still open.

PS. Please feel free to respond here as well.

Still up :slight_smile:

Closed at OP’s polite request.