[Low Sec] Bad Intention is looking for low sec pirate corps

Bad Intention is a PVP and Pirate focused alliance founded by a corp that has been flying together and pvping on and off since 2013.

We are a rough and tumble group made up of military vets and players who have been in eve for ten years or more. We are big on building a community where we all know each other instead of just being a number in a fleet. We like to laugh, ■■■■ talk and turn ships into wrecks. Preferrably not ours.

Currently based in our old ancestral home of Molden Heath. Area provides great content while not being packed with people.

We focus on all forms of pvp except FW. This is not a FW alliance. We do Blops, camps, small gang roams, filamenting, high sec ganking and the occassional WH eviction.

We are looking for pilots who want to undock without their hands being held, who want to pvp in all types from solo to small gang to 30man fleets. Have a sense of humor and have fun.

What we offer:

~Activity in EU and US time zones.
~Active and engaged leadership
~PvP in all forms. Do small gang, blops, Spectre fleets, gate camps, high sec ganking. Whole spectrum.
~Experienced pilots in most areas of eve who are willing to teach
~Quiet low sec constellation with a high sec island.
~5% corp tax. We try not to make money off our pilots.
~Tight knit group. We all know each other and get along well. You wont be a faceless name.
~Relaxed, real life first environment.

What we want:

~Active corps. Doesnt matter if you are a one man corp or 100 man corp as long as you participate.
~Self sufficient. We are here to help you get kills, not make isk.
~Participate with the alliance and be a part of the community.
~Have a sense of humor. For the love of God, no drama.
~Be willing to move to Alliance staging. We dont want a corp that lives 15 jumps from us.

Can find us here:

In Game Channel: Bad Intention Pub

Come check us out.

We don’t need no education

Come give us a look.

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