Corporation goal is to get into as many fights as possible. Our plan to achieve this goal is to fly ships that appear weak and if you don’t mind the word CUTE. Please don’t be fooled we will kill you or die trying. We are a new corporation so we don’t have all the bells and whistles to offer that the larger corporations and alliances do. To be honest there is a lot of freedom in that though.

Our goal relies on us resisting the urge to fly fancy ships, we can and will bling them out but unless you scan or kill us you won’t know. Please attack us we want to fight. If you have this kind of mindset then we may be the right place for you. If you need to surrounded by many others or you need a lot of blues then we may not be the best choice for you.

We don’t care about the KB stats. Red is just as beautiful as green in our opinion. This Corporation is chasing the ultimate goal of fighting from long in to log out. This corporation does have a couple of rules though.

A) Don’t undock what you can’t afford to loose
B) Never not undock

Thank you for your time and happy hunting.

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posting zkill for your convenience to watch their progress.

13 fights so far, Aod Karpos good job m8. Glibbs thanks for the bump.

Got Fights?


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