Low Sec Pirate Corp Recruiting USTZ (PVP, PVE, Mining)

Svartur Krabbi is Recruiting

Svartur Krabbi is looking for LS pilots for PVP and Mining. Newer members will have a safe place to grow and make an incredible amount of isk. For more experienced players we have a decent amount of traffic and larger groups to run fleets with.

What we Provide:

  • Large Network of Low Sec Infrastructure.
  • Coalition with other Low Sec groups
  • Capital Umbrella
  • RL always comes first and we have no strict activity demands from our members. We do ask that prolonged absence is discussed beforehand.
  • Freedom to do what you like and jump in on Ops when able
  • Experience - We have a lot of knowledge packed into the long-time members of the corp we’re eager to share.
  • Diversity - While the majority of our members are from the US, we have presence in AU time zones as well.
  • Larger scale fleets of each kind supported by capital ships
  • Some CTAs

Requirements to join:

  • Accepting new bros and bitter vets
  • Have a distinct interest in PVP and mining in a Low Sec region.

If you do want to join, let us know why you’re interested and your goals within the Corp. Feel free to contact us here, or message Grumple Ghasha, or Birome Aeros in game. or even just ask a member to get a hold of us.

Join our public channel in game for more info: Krabbi Public

Recruitment is open!

Looking for krabs with teeth. Recruitment is open.

I’ve been playing with these guys for the last few months and I can give them a thumbs up!

If you’ve been in high sec and have wanted to get into PVP and branch out into the more dangerous and profitable areas of EVE then this is a perfect place for you. One jump from high sec. A few more jumps to a major trade hub. Smart leadership. Good choices. What more can you ask for?

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Bump. Recruitment is open. Come check us out.

:roll_eyes: nvm

You folks still recruiting?
63mil sp vet 3600 kills 1600 of them solo

Bump. Still recruiting

Did you ever find a place to call home? We have lots of fun stuff going on in LS. PVP opportunities, Gate Camping, Mining and soon will have a great setup for the new Capital sites as well as capital hunting in the sites.

not really I am still soloing. but i don’t have alts so not sure if that is a requirement

Not a requirement at all. Let us know if you ever want to fleet up and roam. Lots of good fun in Lowsec lately.

Bump. Recruitment is still open. Come Krab, Blops or welp some Caps. Lots of love for Lowsec lately.

Bump. Looking for Pirates new and old. Great fun to be had in Low Sec!

I just applied in game. The description and active times match up with what I’m looking for. I’m pretty new, but I know that I want to get into pvp in the danger zones. Really interested in covert/blackops/stealth bombing. Look for me!

Having fun in space :slight_smile: o7

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