Low Sec Pirate Corp

PVP AT IT’S FINEST – Alien Affliction a proud member of Free Range Chickuns

Yes, you read it right, the famous or infamous Alien Affliction, is now recruiting. Like a Phoenix from the Ashes, Alien Affliction has been refreshed and ready to provide plenty of online combat content.

We live in low sec, and play in low, null, and WH space.

Led by Null and Low Security Veterans we can help provide you with the experience and knowledge you need to grow your game. With a strong US TZ crew, we are looking to develop and expand all TZs. If you want to chill and camp gates, come talk to us, if you want to do roams or Black Ops, come talk to us, if you want to develop your FC experience come talk to us, and if your sick of all the fleets happening at midday while your at work or school, come talk to us!!

We are a smaller group that focuses on small fleets, small scale capital escalations, and other non-tidi forms of game play. You need to be self sufficient for isk.

If you’re a PVP pilot looking for a change, please visit us:

In-game channel: Alien Public. Discord: https://discord.gg/xF9W92e

Requirements for application: Access to TeamSpeak and Mumble - working headset and mic. Above all else we are here to have fun and cause mayhem whatever region it maybe.

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