Low Sec PvP - Filthy Peasants is Recruiting

Recruitment open!

We had a great fight in Syndicate today against INIT and VEGA. Even with 3:1 odds against us we still won the isk war. Join Open Filth today!

Still recruiting! Join Open Filth

Recruitment open!

We’re still recruiting! Come talk to a recruiter today, ingame channel “Open Filth”

We had another awesome fight with Panic Attack + friends in our new staging system of Aunsou. The fight was a straight BS brawl for about an hour until Snuffed Out showed up as a 3rd party. We all bailed after they arrived.


Reddit Post:

Still recruiting!

Still recruiting!

We just had another great brawl in Syndicate!

Come join for lowsec and npc 0.0 fights! Join Open Filth

We are still recruiting! Join “Open Filth” and become a pilot in one of the fastest growing LS Pirate corps today!

Still recruiting!

Join Open Filth and ask for a recruiter.

Still recruiting! We look forward to speaking to you in “Open Filth”!

Still recruiting! Join Open Filth in game today!

PS: Our Aunsou fort is about to die. I’ll post the BR tomorrow.

Well our fort died. Snuff brought in a large mach fleet with dozens of capitals ready to escalated. We tried to alpha some stuff and then left the field. GF.

Come join! Maybe we’ll get large enough to fight snuff. Join Open Filth today!

Still recruiting! Join Open Filth channel in game.

Blackout is over. CCP still hasn’t touched lowsec at all.

Business as usual for us. Come join the pew pew no matter where we can find it.

Join Open Filth in game today to speak with a recruiter!

Still recruiting! It’s been a bit slow around EVE lately but we have quite a few timers coming up so something is gonna happen in the next few days.

Join Open Filth in game today.

Still recruiting!

Still recruiting!

Still recruiting!