Lowsec Indy Corp looking for miners and industrialists - Coletron Inc

Coletron Inc is looking for miners who like a bit of risk.

We are a small corp of a few friends and alts who are looking to expand. We are keen to speak to anyone who is interested in mining and indy in lowsec, new players welcome and also existing players that can help bring coordination to fleet ops or fancy a change from empire space.

Also if you wish to PVP we have access to fleets most weeks.

We are based Lonetrek and are EU timezone mainly.

Jump in our Public Channel to have a chat… COLETRON

Thanks o7


What is your thought on coming down to null-sec and merging with Cyntech Industries? We are part of an alliance and have 4 moons we own and 1 that we rent from the alliance right now

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