LS/NS PvP Corp - Recruiting

(USN CVN73) #1

We are looking for active PVP focused pilots and/or pilots wanting to learn PVP. We are a newly started social corporation and require all pilots to have Discord/Mumble and be on Discord/Mumble when you are in game and online. Laid back fleet requirements, We are a LS small gang pvp corp, with null sec space within the coalition and there are content opportunities as well everywhere.

:radio_button: You must be Active and On Comms
:radio_button: PvP Focused
:radio_button: You must have a working Microphone
:radio_button: 30mil SP minimum
:radio_button: Willing to join fleets when online
:radio_button: Nullsec Ratting space to Krab within coalition!
:radio_button: Coalition/Alliance Fleets
:radio_button: Regular Public NPSI Fleets
:radio_button: Discord
:radio_button: Fleet doctrines

If you feel you have what it takes to be a PvP’er. Submit full API’s and join our public channel for a chat.
Public Channel: Vikings Pub.

Recruiters: USN CVN73

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