LS / NS PVP Corporation - DAWGS Corp

Lowsec / Nullsec PVP Corporation (DAWGS Corp) has finally opened its doors for recruitment, and we are looking for PVP players to come and join our ranks.

Looking for active PVP Focused pilots, or pilots wanting to learn PVP. We are a social corporation and require all pilots to have Teamspeak and be on Teamspeak when you are in game and online. Laid back fleet requirements, We are a low sec small gang pvp corp, With nullsec space and content opportunities aswell (Part of Initiative).

Join ingame Channel DAWGS pub, Or convo Myself in game for more information!

Joining Requirements:

:arrow_right: You must be Active and On Comms, And be Focused on PVP.
:arrow_right: You must have a working Microphone, or get one shortly after joining.
:arrow_right: All recruits will be succeptable to a Trial week, and to handing over FULL Api Keys! were strict with recruitment.
:arrow_right: Required to participate in alliance strat-ops at least once a week.

What we offer:

:arrow_right: Regular Daily PVP Content
:arrow_right: Fleets from 5+ to 200+ members
:arrow_right: Social and fun corp, And we play a lot of other games together
:arrow_right: Content to fit every play style going.
:arrow_right: Corp funded Fleets and Roams
:arrow_right: Nullsec Ratting space to Krab!

Some links:


You-tube Channels:


Xtra Squishy Lol


Banh holiday bump,

Drunk roam time!


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BUMPing back up!

Goingggggggggg up!!!

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